current faves | product reviews

so i felt it was time to do a little product review of current things that i'm LOVING!! i know i've done this in a "what's in my diaper bag/baby essentials" format (here & here) but i decided us big girls have needs too! 
i always appreciate these types of posts, especially if i'm on the fence about purchasing or trying certain things. 

here we go! 

1. okay so yes, this is mostly dubbed for children - BUT YOU GUYS!! the smell of this apricot kiss bubble bath is just 👌!! i highly recommend it, for your kiddos, but also for you.

2. the masckara beauty line has taken off & i was seeing people raving about it left & right. when a girl i work with came in with her face glowing (kid you not) i jumped in with both feet - & i haven't looked back!! honestly i have never worn makeup that makes my skin look & feel SO healthy!! & honestly i have noticed less breakouts since using this product. if you're looking for a game changer - get this makeup!! plus it's super nice b/c ALL of my makeup has been replaced by this little pallet .. minimizing my makeup drawer + routine has been all kinds of refreshing. & if you don't know which colors to go with, simply send them a picture of you in natural light & they will shoot you an email right back with your recommendations. i also bought the beauty blender & the brush. 

3. this don't look at me face mask from lush has been my absolute favorite!! on top of making my skin feel like a million bucks, the smell is just as good! i think you can only purchase these in store because they have to be refrigerated (b/c of the "all naturalness" of the product) .. so stop into your local lush & pick one up! you might also want a bath bomb or two .. b/c ya know, a facial isn't complete w/o a bath. 

4. so i know that everyone has their recommendations on dry shampoo - but i'm here to tell you that BATISTE is the best!! just do yourself a favor & try this. for the price, you really can't beat it! oh, & get the tropical one. you'll love this on those 5-minute get ready days. 

5. if i'm being honest here, i've always been a little skeptical of protein bars. maybe it was the chalky taste, maybe it was because i misunderstood them. either way, after following the cutest instagrammer/blogger good for the swole, she kind of converted me (p.s. follow her for workout ideas as well! she's AMAZING!!!). the g2g almond coconut bars are my fave. (p.s. you can also get them at costco). 

6. let's just talk about coconut oil for a second. it has SO many uses you guys!! cooking, skin care & hair care! honestly i've used it as a moisturizer on my super dry days & it made my skin SO soft. it honestly wasn't even oily (but i do have naturally dry skin, so that might be why). i also have used it as a hair mask & had silky smooth locks afterwards. it also provides fat free cooking .. so that's always a plus. just get a bottle & see for yourself. also - i use 2 different bottles, one for cooking & one for personal care. 

7. last but not least, this amazing nail drying spray! i have only been using this for a couple of weeks but let me tell you. GAME CHANGER. i have zero patience when it comes to painting my nails because the time it takes them to dry draggssssss & i about die. also, when i paint sweet capri's nails or toes, she also has zero patience for drying time. this spray seriously works wonders & drys those painted piggies super quickly!

well that's all for now! 
if you give any of these a go, i'd love to hear about it! also - if you have favorite "must have" products, please share! i always love exploring the unknown :) 


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