cpk copycat tequila lime pasta

please excuse this delayed post! we've had quite the start to our easter weekend (not in a good way) so things have been a little cray cray .. 
BUT on a positive note .. let's please appreciate these q u a l i t y non-iphone pics we have here. can i get a woot woot??! (woot woot!!!

so i posted this on my instagram stories while i was making this last week (i think??) so i gave you a sneak peek then .. but i threw it together again because you . GUYS. this is absolutely delicious!!! & it's light enough to not make me wanna puke but it's filling cause, pasta. best of both worlds my friends. oh! & these are spinach noodles so i didn't feel too guilty going back for seconds :).

i don't know if you've ever been to california pizza kitchen (cpk) but the tequila lime pasta is one of my favorite dishes to order there! the tangy + creamy sauce just can't be beat!! the sweet of the peppers cuts through the tang of the lime juice & then there's the saltiness of the soy sauce that just makes all of the flavors stand out that much more!! this recipe got 5/5 stars in my book & will definitely be a recipe i use often! 

the first time i made this i followed the recipe to a T (minus the tequila) .. the second time around i kind of just did what i remembered & improvised b/c i didn't have every single ingredient that i had the first time. i also pressure cooked the chicken in soy sauce versus cooking it on the stove (i wasn't in the waiting for chicken to defrost kind of mood .. it was still delicious)!! i had gav just lapping it up - best part? he had NO idea he was eating spinach!! BOOM BABYY!!

hope you all had a fabulous friday & enjoy your easter weekend!! 


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