almond + chicken warm bowls

hello, hello & happy friday!! 

for today's post i pretty much made this whole thing up myself .. & by "made it up" i mean i tried my darnedest to make a copycat recipe of aubergine's chicken & almond warm bowl. seriously i crave it ALL of the time - but my wallet just can't justify purchasing it every day of the week. 
so what's a girl to do? try to make one herself, that's what. 

so i tried. & although i'm not 100% happy with it .. i'm happy enough to share it with you all! cause i'm just a nice person like that (HA!) ANNNDDDD because a lot of you were asking for the recipe when i posted it on instastories .. so there's that too. 
i think i have it pretty close - there might be a squirt or two of lime juice in the original & the tahini sauce tastes a little more nutty in this recipe than i would like .. but honestly it's pretty dang close! once i perfect the sauce i'll update it .. but for now i'm okay with things the way they are. 

alright, enough of the chitchat (as gav always says to me) & let's get to it! 


cilantro to taste (i used a small handful in each bowl) - stems cut off & roughly chopped 
sweet potatoes (probably 2 if you're cooking for more than 2 people) - cut into medallion shapes
broccoli - cut into bitesized pieces
cauliflower - same as above ^^
brown rice (i just used the 1 cup of rice in 2 cups of water ratio) 
1 roma tomato - diced 
1 cucumber - diced 
1 lb chicken breasts - cut into cubes 
dry oregano, to taste 
tahini sauce (click to get recipe) 
avocado oil 
salt & pepper
slivered almonds - to taste


preheat oven to 400 degrees 
rinse & cut all veggies 
place sweet potato medallions on cookie sheet & toss in avocado oil & salt + pepper. roast in oven for 20 minutes, stirring about halfway through 

meanwhile, start the rice & cut up cucumber, tomato & cilantro - set aside 

dice chicken & drizzle with avocado oil & oregano. cook on stovetop until browned on the outside - then set aside.

after the sweet potatoes are done cooking, toss the broccoli & cauliflower with avocado oil & salt + pepper - place on cookie sheet & cook for 10 minutes. remove cookie sheet & set aside. 

make tahini sauce 

once everything is done cooking, assemble as such: 

scoop brown rice into bowl 
add veggies, tomato, cucumber & drizzle with tahini sauce. 
top with cilantro + slivered almonds & enjoy! 

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