15 months of capri

our sweet capri is 15 months old today!! 

capri has become quite the sassy little thing lately, which has been both fun & exhausting ha her personality is strong + SO stubborn so we definitely have our moments, but overall she is the sweetest, funniest, most fun-loving baby girl everrr! 

we had capri's 15 month check up yesterday & her stats are as follows 

weight : 19.10 lbs (26%)
height : 29.5 inches (17%)
ofc : 48 cm (95%)

she also got one shot - the nurse gave her a sucker before the shot & administered really quickly. capri made one peep then popped right up, glared at the nurse & grabbed a second sucker with a look that pretty much screamed "i'd like to see you try to take these from me" haha i was pretty impressed with the no tears part & wasn't surprised when she demanded two suckers. 

capri has been talking more & more every day! she can say momma/mommy/mom, dad/dadda/, up, go, no, ball, bye, hi, dance (that sounds mostly like da), uh-oh, baba & puppy (every animal is a puppy haha .. we're working on it). 

speaking of animals, capri is OBSESSED with my parents' dog charlie, grandma's bunny & our chickens. she just loves animals so much & it's so fun to watch her get so excited about them.

baby girl LOVES to dance! she lives for rock music & moana, of course 

we enrolled capri in gymnastics a little while ago & she absolutely loves it! she's brave little bean & climbs up & onto everything, including the high beam (that her older brother was notoriously scared to death of). she also attempts to do somersaults on her own & is getting better at jumping! she loves playing with all of her little friends - i think we both enjoy the 1:1 time together without brother, even though we love him too. it's just nice to have some alone time with each kiddo, ya know?! 

capri is obsessed with smoothies! if you make one & don't offer her some, be prepared for the death-glare of your life & maybe even a tantrum .. 

sister likes to pack her little purses up with her bottle (& any toys she is favoring that day) & totes them around the house. she's so girly & I LOVE ITTT

capri also lives for the outdoors. rain, shine, snow or heat - girlfriend wants to be outside playing in the dirt & sand. she also loves checking on our "puppies" (a.k.a. chickens) daily - she gets so excited to see them haha it's the cutest!

alec has "trained" capri to place both hands on her cheeks for an "uh-oh" kind of reaction to things .. it's the cutest ever. she also blows kisses, gives high-fives & waves. 

capreezy loves putting lids on things & then taking them off .. over & over & over & over ha! her fine motor movement is actually pretty impressive. she also spoon/fork feeds herself pretty successfully! sometimes she asks for help, but she's getting it down pretty well. 

speaking of eating .. capri has quite the appetite (& sweet tooth). she eats pretty much everything we put in front of her (unless she's teething, then it's a nightmare). she prefers fruits > veggies & seems to favor mexican food dishes (duh!). she drinks whole milk most of the time & enjoys juice now & then. 

capri doesn't walk - girlfriend runs!! & she's stinking fast too. she has probably learned to run because  she has an older brother to keep up with && survival of the fittest?! either way, if you look away for .002 seconds, she's gone like the wind. 

sister has 4 molars growing in right now (which has been supppeeerrrr fun) along with two more bottom teeth. she's got a smile full of pearly whites & it is hysterical to me for some reason - maybe because gav didn't get one single tooth until now so i was use to a toothless grin, OR because it makes her look like she's a full-blown toddler. 

capri still loathes pictures .. i mean she could be running around laughing her head off one second, see a camera & break down into tears the next. it almost kills me, being the documenter i am, but i guess miracles happen (as seen above) & she sometimes looks somewhat content (OR it's because i trapped her on a bench she can't climb off & had daddy in the background pulling out all of the tricks). 

& let's just talk about her sass for a moment - the girl is packed up to her eyeballs with it & is definitely a handful at times. she is just as sassy as she is sweet haha i guess it'll be good in the long run - chase all the boys away or something (we hope haha). 

capri also experienced her first bout of strep throat a couple of weeks ago, which was seriously awful!! luckily after her antibiotics were started she perked right up! 

i noticed a little freckle developed right above her top lip on her right side. it's so stinking cute haha i don't know why but i love it when freckles & other little distinguishing marks start to appear that makes capri, capri! 

i still have a hard time believing this angel girl is ours for forever!! i seriously can't remember life before her - the other day i was reading a fellow instagrammer's blog & she made a beautiful video of her child with she & her husband reading letters to her in the background. with tears streaming down my face, i looked over at my two babies playing together & couldn't help but feel like the most blessed person in the world. for those of you who don't know, we had a really hard time conceiving + keeping a baby for almost 2 years, & while every single baby is a miracle, capri is our angel-rainbow baby in every sense of the word. she is the person all of our hearts longed to love, the missing laughter & hysterical personality that were just missing in our life before she came along. 

my sweet, sweet beautiful baby girl - you will never know how much we love you. 

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