popsicle stains, pouty faces & helmut hair

the other day was SO good. one of those days i definitely want to relive over & over & over again. 
the sun was shining, the kids were happy & we were all getting along so well (which, these days can be quite the feat ha). 
we were riding bikes, scooters & gavin's truck around the neighborhood + up & down the driveway .. we ate popsicles on the porch & had little conversations that just melted me. i want to soak up this memory & relive it forever & ever & everr!! these are the moments i live for .. these are the moments that make everything worth it!! 

& here's to the spring you guys .. S P R I N G!!! i think utah has finally turned the corner & we should (hopefully **knock on wood**) have good weather from here on out!!! i'm okay with the rain showers .. just no more snow please!! 
we have already started skinning our knees, staining our clothes with mud, dirt & popsicle juice & i can't even wait for what else this spring + summer has in store for us!! 



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