levain bakery chocolate chip cookies

hello hello everyone!! happy last day of march && happy friday!! i hope you all are ready for the weekend .. heaven knows i am! 

tuesday was a rough one for me. i don't know .. lately i've been all kinds of emotional & crazy & quite frankly i'm an emotional eater, so making cookies only made sense. when i'm upset i'm all about cookies. oh, & hamburgers or taco bell ha superrrr healthy coping mechanisms, i know. #workingonit 


i remembered a few weeks or so ago i asked a friend of mine for the levain bakery copycat recipe she used (cause i was drooling over her instagram story) & she so kindly obliged (thanks katie!!!). 

when you first open it up, there's a lot of chitchat about how she came to the recipe & why she uses certain ingredients .. it seems a bit overwhelming to read. if you like to read all of the logistics behind the food you make, it's a great & entertaining read! if you just wanna bake .. rest assured. the recipe is down at the bottom in plain script. 

just to preface my "review" .. i'm kind of a cookie snob. my dad is a pretty good baker & has nailed down a recipe that i could just inhale. so i get kind of skeptical when people rave about cookies .. cause my dad's are better than your dad's .. 😜 just sayin' 

but there really isn't anything i would change about this recipe! they are very LARGE cookies .. so i guess if you really wanted you could make them smaller & if you're not a walnut fan you can nix those as well. but honest to goodness these were AMAZING & you shouldn't change a thing!!! 
they are also more on the gooey side .. so make sure you let them set for the 15 minutes it instructs you to (i didn't in the pic above so they were falling apart a bit - but you guys!! i couldn't wait to show you!!!). i guess if you don't like gooey than you need to cook them for a little longer. 
the outside of the cookie was an amazing golden-brown color with a nice crunchy "shell" filled with warm gooey insides .. so honestly you'd be crazy to change any of that. but hey - to each their own.

alright well i'm done with my cookie rant. 
if you're looking for some amazing cookies to feed yourself .. or someone else go here & enjoy every last bite!! i'm sure you deserve it 😉


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