14 months of capri

miss capri ann is 14 months old & more "toddler" than ever. she's always thought she is older than she really is b/c she has a big brother to model after, but she really is growing up SO dang fast .. 

she is still babbling a lot but has a few good, solid words here & there. her current favorites are "momma, baba, mimi & uh-oh". she also says "no & don't" occasionally. i swear i hear her say things every now & again but it's like um did you really just say that kind of moment & then she doesn't repeat it so .. i guess we'll never really know ha. but when she does babble talk .. she definitely knows what she's saying, i guess that's the important thing?? ha it'll be fun once she really starts talking.

capri has discovered the outdoors & can't get enough! last summer she was between 4-7 months old so the extent she got to explore & be outside was very little. she is all about the dirt, sand & rocks. she seriously LOVES it outside & throws a royal tantrum when it's time to go inside (between she + her brother you'd think we were murdering our kiddos .. they both get so mad ha). 

we F I N A L L Y hung capri's bday present up (seen above) & she LOVES it! when brother pushes her she gets a little nervous but overall she loves her little swing .. especially when she has a bottle to enjoy :) 

capri has all the heart eyes for her brother. she absolutely adores him. she wants to do everything gavin does .. including riding scooters, bikes + swimming lessons ha. she is quite the little go-getter. 

sister LOVES the water! i know i said this in her last post but girlfriend was a mermaid in another life b/c she loved the ocean & her happy place is definitely the bathtub (as long as it's full of water, of course). 

i think we have a favorite movie - moana haha (surprise!! about the ocean ...)! she is also obsessed with the soundtrack & is often carrying my phone around listening to the music full blast wherever we are haha. she also has some killer dance moves including spinning in circles & circling her hands above her head. 

as far as her appetite goes, she still has a BIG one. capri eats pretty much everything - she's a little stingy on eggs & she's not a huge fan of turkey these days (like for a turkey sandwich) but other than that she'll eat what we put in front of her. capri has a HUGE sweet tooth though .. anything chocolate or sweet watch out! she'll take it & run haha she's so funny. she also always says "MMMMMMM" every time she eats something she loves. it's the cutest everrr. 

my favorite things capri does these days are:  

when she is running away from her dad or brother & hugs my legs so tight

when she try to bock like a chicken .. it's seriously the funniest thing i've ever seen/heartd

when i go to get capri out of her crib either after a nap or after she wakes up in the morning, her little legs are either in-between the slats of the crib, swinging away or she's doing her little happy dance (picture happy feet .. the little penguin ha). my favorite thing ever!

she shares bites of her food & gets the biggest smile when she does. 

when capri starts to babble talk really fast & for a long period of time. i want to know what she's saying SO bad .. soon enough though. 

i love when capri laughs. she's not the most giggly person & is honestly kind of stoic .. but when she smiles + laughs man my heart could just burst. 

capri's hair has started to lighten up quite a bit .. it looks like we might have another towhead on our hands :) her eyes have also been changing a lot! she had really blue eyes when she was a baby, then they started turning more hazel .. now they are starting to look more brown! i guess we will see what happens with that ..

i can't believe we are at month 14 already!! time needs to slow down just a bit .. 
how we love you little miss capreezy 


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