houston .. we have a couch!

just wanted to throw a little update up on our ongoing adventure of furnishing & completing our home!

our couch finally came about a month ago & i love itttt!!!
i think i mentioned it in a "lately" post - but i'm super excited to have more seating & feel like we can actually host more than 3 people haha 

oh! & please observe the photo wall :) yay for filling up some of our blank walls!! 

i'm still trying to figure out our room guys! geesh i just dot know what i want & when i think i find something the $$$ is much too high. 
send help! 

i also just purchased some letters for capri's room to hopefully give it that little extra something-something it's been missing. fingers crossed i love them! i've already returned like 4 different things .. so i guess 5th time's a charm [hopefully!!]? 


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