& that's a wrap

at the utah lake in the paddle boat

throwing fireworks into the street

sweet hudson .. never want's to be in the pics ha


more at the lake - not our best pic but hey - for memory's sake 

our 4th was fast 'n furious! between celebrating both my in-laws' birthdays & my family's annual reunion - we were on turbo speed jumping back & forth for a couple of days ha 
but we wouldn't have it any other way .. it was a weekend stuffed full of family + food just the way it's suppose to be! 
it was also special because it was capri's first 4th & she just soaked it all up .. let me tell you!! from all of the attention to the loud & bright fireworks - she was wide-eyed & all smiles! i seriously love experiencing the "firsts" of everything!!  
gav was also loving every bit of everything, jumping off of the walls for two days straight haha he also proved to be a little pyro .. heaven help us in the future when he starts "making" his own fireworks [insert wide eyes]. 

i'm so thankful for our freedoms & for the people who fight for those freedoms daily.
i seriously admire the spouses of those individuals .. like seriously how do they go months or even years without seeing them?! i'd die. 
i get all emotional when the national anthem is sung/played because seriously i love this land .. i love being an american!! 


  1. cute pictures! i love your black suit.

  2. Can paddle boats be rented at Utah Lake?! I had no idea! Looks delightful