i don't even know what this title should be ..

right this moment - these 2 little humans are curled up next to me sleeping. 
the peaceful look on their faces, their soft, buttery skin, the easy & soft sound of their breathing .. it makes me so happy. but, it's also making me think a lot. i feel so emotional right now & my husband is at work so lucky you!! i get to chat your ears off instead :) 

this world right now is down right scary. it's full of so much hate & violence & misunderstanding. it's not an ideal place, to me, for my children. i watch the news & it literally gives me anxiety. i want to be aware of what is happening around me, i want to be a part of this community .. but then again i want to shut it all out. i don't want to feel scared or helpless. & i definitely have contemplated how in the world i can bubble wrap my children up & never let them out ha #kidding [sorta ..]
these two sweet babes are so innocent. they are so full of joy & everything good in the world. it scares me spitless that i'm going to be sending them out to find who they are & their place amongst all of the chaos. 

i realize more now than ever the importance of my role as a mother. it's my responsibility to show my children the good in the world, to show them that there is beauty & excitement to be explored. it's my responsibility to educate them about the bad, to prepare them to be strong & to face the things that they inevitably will come across. it's my responsibility to teach them that everyone is different, but that everyone is a child of god & that they all deserve to be loved & treated as such. no matter WHAT they look like, believe in or do .. they should always always ALWAYS be treated with kindness!

i hope more than ever, deep deep down into my guts that gav & capri know how much they are loved .. & how important it is for them to reciprocate that love to those around them. 

i hope we can all take a step back & make a goal to become a little kinder .. to be more aware of others & their feelings. to try to contribute our talents toward serving others & making a positive difference. 
our world is always going to have it's problems .. but i truly believe that one person can make such a difference & if we all decide to be that person, we will have an army of kindness marching forward to take on this hateful & awful time we live in. i really do believe a little bit of good can bring about a whole lot of great - 

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