my kids need me more more than my house

oh hey .. just me here
so i've been thinking [always a surprise right?! #eyeroll] .. keeping a house clean kind of blows haha 
i mean, it's nice when it's clean & seriously nothing beats the feeling of a clean house
but the time & energy it takes to constantly be picking up after 4 people is exhausting! 

on my days off i usually catch up on grocery shopping, cleaning & being with the kiddos. obviously the kids are my number 1 priority .. but sometimes i'm totally guilty of putting chores before playing with them. i'm ocd to a fault guys, but i'm working on it!!

one day while i was talking to my grandmother i heard myself say "sometimes my kids need me more than my house does" to which she responded something along the lines of "the season of life you're in right now isn't the one to have a spotless house & super nice things. it's to be a mother & to raise children .. & raising children means that sometimes you have a dirty house!! it's all part of it!" 

i instantly felt better. cause honestly .. i can't do it all. why do i expect myself to??!
yes, al & i do our darnedest to keep everything maintained .. dishes & laundry washed, carpets vacuumed, kitchen mopped .. you get the picture. but most of the time we have to clean at night .. or just don't clean at all that day! my children are my priority. they grow up more & more every single day, they're never the same as yesterday .. ya know!? & it kind of freaks me out & i just wanna soak up every single second of their innocence & crazy ..

so sometimes instead of folding the laundry, we wrestle in it 
instead of vacuuming & cleaning up the family room, we build forts 
& instead of making my bed every single day .. we have pajama  + movie marathons under the covers.

i'm realizing more & more that life's about living .. not about having the perfect home or wardrobe or the most money ..
it's about making freaking amazing memories & loving the crap outta each other 

here's to memory + mess-making all around!!


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