a tiny peek into our home

it's still surreal to me that we are living in an actual home .. like our very own home. WHATT?! 
i feel so adultish haha 

so here is a little peek into our humble abode. it's not even close to being finished yet - we still have bare walls & are still [slowly] purchasing furniture for our bedroom & the living room. 
BUT i thought i'd document what we have finished[ish] thus far .. 

one thing i have strictly practiced throughout decorating/furnishing our home is take . it . slow
al & i have made our fair share of "binge purchases" when we were newlyweds because of good deals & out of desperation for furniture or decor ha so so sad .. all of that wasted money. 
i've really dug deep into myself to figure out what my style is. what we personally really, REALLY like & what we just kind of sort of like. it's been hard. we've been picky - with both the look of things & the price of things. but i'll say this .. we've always been happy we waited when we find exactly what we were looking for, with the right price tag & the right look! 
patience haha i know .. it's the worst, best thing ever!! 
so since we are moving slowly - there are a few rooms in our home i'm not really revealing yet [ahem .. our master bedroom & living room]. i'm waiting on a couch & our room is still in the works. i'm so indecisive right now so i'm just waiting until i have an exact picture of what i want. we have a bed & dresser & we function fine .. the pretty stuff is just gonna wait until i'm 100% sure of what i want. 

so anywayss .. here we go! 

this little photo wall is right by our front door entrance. 

these pics are bits & pieces of our kitchen .. the dining & cooking areas 

the ONE photo i'll post of our room haha i love the mid afternoon light that streams in from our window. & the view of these two babes doesn't hurt much either :) 

when we moved i wanted gav to have a say in what type of "theme" he wanted his room to have. with all of the changes with a new baby & new house, i wanted him to feel like his room was his .. a little special space molded & customized just for him. he, of course, immediately picked out the superhero theme - i had fun kind of modernizing it & making it into something we can easily change up later, but yet still satisfying that superhero feel gav wanted.
gavin LOVES his magnet board. he loves to display his favorite pictures & prized art pieces from school 

i decided not to do an actual dresser because i didn't want a ton of furniture taking up space in his room - so we did a shelf with bins. i LOVE how it all turned out & how it serves as both a dresser & a night stand

& of course, every little boy's room needs some sort of fort - amiright?!

with capri's room .. i wanted to keep things simple, elegant &, of course, girly!! i went with gold, white & neutral tones & couldn't be more happy with the turnout! i am still trying to figure out what i want to do either above her crib or on one of the blank walls ... decisions, decisions. it just needs a little something, something to make it feel more finished. 

[not pictured, a furry stool as an ottoman in front of the rocking chair]

fun fact: this dresser was mine throughout my childhood. my mom had it repainted when i was in jr. high & i've kept it since. it's been fun to pass down things like this to capri & gav

 the last little area i wanna show is our office/nook/loft area. this is located at the top of our stairs in place of a 4th room upstairs. we loved how open it made our 2nd floor feel & it's totally a functional little space. we have a filing cabinet with all of the important documents under lock & key as well as a "bill-pay system" .. so we can file & keep track of all of our bills & such. 

& that about sums it all up for now!! i can't wait to show you the finished product one day haha!

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  1. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Looks super cute so far!! :)