three months of capri

i seriously can't believe it's been 3 months with this babe. 

capri is the sweetest little girl ever. she seriously lights up any room she's in with her contagious smiles & sweetest little spirit. i just don't know how we ever got along without her! 

here's what she's been up to at 3 months : 

+ got her ears pierced 
+ has rolled 4 times from her tummy to her back. she's still working on back to tummy & is SO close!
+ she's started laughing!! music to my ears! we all just love it when she lets out a sweet giggle - she's starting to belly laugh but hasn't let all the way loose quite yet .. soon i'm sure!
+ her bath tub is her happy place. LOVES it. 
+ she's pretty good about tummy time as far as not screaming her head off goes. she's also getting really good at holding up her noggin. 
+ still squeezing into a size 1 diaper - we're sizing up next month haha 
+ can still fit into some of her 0-3 month clothing but is more comfortably fitting into her 3-6 month clothing. can i just say i have a meltdown every time i pack any item of clothing up. i'm a mess guys. 
+ she is such a smily baby!! wakes up smiling & is sweet & smily the whole day through!
+ capri loves her brother!! it's so obvious the relationship they have with one another & i love it!
+ is still drinking breastmilk exclusively. she nurses + bottle-feeds. i'm assuming we'll be starting food after her next doc appt but we'll see
+ capri has started to babble a lot! she is usually pretty quiet & likes to observe everything around her - but when you catch her in a talkative mood she'll talk full advantage :) 
+ we have officially transitioned her into her own room. i check on her multiple times a night & miss snuggling her but she's handling it like a champ! 
+ capri has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently now!! it's great - i'll usually feed her at 8:00, she'll go to sleep & sometimes wake up at 10:00 for one more feed & then she'll sleep until about 6:00 am or so! 
+ this girl has added a new roll to her chunky little thighs weekly! i love nibbling on them so much!! 
+ capri's favorite blanket is her zebra blanket she got for christmas [before she was born ha]. she sleeps so well with that thing! 
+ she is SO ticklish under her armpits & her neck! i love making her squirm & let out those sweet little giggles! 
+ she's getting better & better at the bumbo chair! not her favorite thing in the world but she tolerates it .. 
+ capri went on her first road trip & rocked it!! she nearly slept the whole drive down & back & was a champ throughout our day hiking in zion's! 
+ LOVES her new little gym toy [the one's you put over them while they're on their backs??]. she was all smiles when we gave it to her & was having so much fun hitting everything! 
+ she gets ticked whenever i stop feeding her to burp her & she thinks she's not done. it's SO funny! so dramatic haha 
+ she still has blue eyes - in the back of my head i kind of thought they would change but i think they're here to stay!

we surely love you capreezy!! can't wait to keep watching you grow & experience the things life has to offer! 

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  1. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Think you were a smart mommy getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them, plus she looks so darn cute with little earrings. We did our daughter at this age and everyone loved how cute she looked with little earrings. She is soO adorable with those cute little sparkly earrings.

    Promise in her pictures, she is saying "thank you" for the "gift of pierced ears." This was the perfect age to do them when they can't remember having it done and sweet mommy taking such good care of her adorable little newly pierced ears so she can grow up pretty like her mom.

    When I took Sandi to her three month check, and asked about having it done, our ped encouraged me saying this was a good age to do them. In fact,she had so many moms ask her about it, she gave me a sheet with " Tips and Care for moms having their daughter's ears pierced." Would be happy to share with any moms.