little man update

this little guy has been a HANDFUL lately! like for reals .. sometimes i wanna pull my hair out ha
but then he can be so stinking sweet .. so 5 seconds later i just wanna squeeze him to death. he doesn't let me do that anymore, so i wrestle him to the ground & force-hug him. he love-hates me haha

recently we put gavin in our city's "lil sports league" with a few of his friends & the whole entire 3-4 year old group of children! it's great! he LOVESSS it!! he had his first "practice" on wednesday & was absolutely freaking out because he had so much fun [until he biffed it down the hill & scraped his elbow & knee .. the fun ended real quick there]. al had to work that night, so my sweet friends' husbands stepped in & fathered gav for me while i sat back & watched the show. it was the cutest thing everrr & i loved watching his face glow with pride when i told him how proud i was of him! he really did so well! 
we celebrated with a giant steak sandwich from ernie's [his favorite man-food place]. on the way home i suggested we do bath time & then cuddle in my bed & watch a movie until dad got home. he responded "that sounds like a GREAT idea mom!!" 

gav has also been such a good help around the house! al & i give him small chores to do like sort, "fold" [more like wad up into a ball], & put his laundry away, dust, pick up toys, make his bed & keep his room clean. he really does such a good job! he also has "homework" that i have him do often. we read every day & he does his puzzles - those are considered homework because i make him tell me his letters & numbers while he does them. we talk about what sounds they make & what words start with those letters. we also have spelling puzzles where he learns to spell whatever the picture is of. he's usually pretty mellow about it but sometimes he gets frustrated with me. oh the joys of being a parent sometimes. 

his lunch of choice lately is a pp&j sandwich. he likes them best when i cut them into shapes with cookie cutters. he also loves apple dip .. a 99.9% unhealthy dip for apples [the apples are the .1% healthy part]. i'll have to share that recipe sometime. 
he also still loves his chocolate milk, any type of treat - the kid's sweet tooth is UNREAL, bbq chips, cold cereal & raspberries. 
his favorite movies are minion's & robin hood. 

gav gives me lots of sass when he doesn't want to do something, or when he wants something he's not getting - BOY the kid is as stubborn as they come! BUT he's also pretty good to reason with at times. 

he picks all of the dandelions in the world for me, he laces fingers with me when he holds my hand - which just melts my heart completely, he tells me he loves me daily, he tells me i'm beautiful, he LOVES his little sister something fierce & he looks at his dad like he's superman. 
gav can sing & recognize the whole alphabet, count to 20 [with a few mixed up numbers at times ..] & is learning some spanish! he loves helping his dad in the backyard & loves helping his momma cook. 
his favorite story lately is the stinky cheese man [you'll have to read that one yourself ha! it's great] & he loves to draw & color. 

another thing gavin does often is sing. he LOVES to sing - especially to capri when she is sad. it's the sweetest thing to see. he rushes over to her side, starts stroking her little fuzzy head & sings to her. she usually will stop crying & listen intently - unless she has reached her hangry state - nothing stops that girl from crying at that point unless it's a bottle or a boob .. just sayin'. 

i seriously look at gav & can't believe how grown up he is! how much he has changed & developed in just a short year!! but then other times i look at him & see a little munch guy who still has so much to learn & experience. 
ahh i just love him to the moon & back!! he really is one of my very best friends & the sweetest little man there ever was. 

& just because .. here's a little snippet of gav's very 1st practice 


  1. Calvin and Gav are just meant to be buddies. They love so many of the same things! Calvin is obsessed with the Minions movie, we will have to do a movie night together sometime :)

    1. Let's please do!! The boys would have so much fun!!!