because #theselfiestick

as i was walking through target during one of my weekly biweekly trips [let's be honest], i saw a selfie stick .. at first i kind of laughed out loud thinking about getting it, mostly because i was picturing alec's reaction. but then i really started thinking about how i'm always the one behind the camera with the kiddos - 
so i snatched it up & ran home to play with it! 

luckily the babes were both in a good mood so we got some sweet smiles. 
man these two own my heart [minus the part that their pop's has, of course :)] 

p.s. this momma-of-two thing has been seriously crazy. 
99.9% of the time my hair has spit up in it, i "rock" the no makeup look more often than i don't & i'm constantly eating on the go. we're lucky if we all get out of the house before noon looking like presentable human beings. not to mention the permanent bags that have found their place under my eyes due to my 24 hour days. like for real. the kids wake up around 0700 .. & if i work i don't get home until 0700 the next day. can you say #sleepdeprivation??! 
thank goodness for husbands who keep the house clean & lets me sleep as much as possible. & for moms that bring you an xx-large coke & comes over to help play with the kids when i send her my sos texts haha ahh bless my heart guys. i'm trying! i love it all .. but it's definitely been a big, BIG adjustment in terms of my daily schedule & routine. we're getting there though .. so when if i figure it all out i'll let you know the secret :) 

oh. & that r2-d2 sweatshirt pretty much rocks my world. not only do i love it & wear it as part of my weekly momiform - it won me a spot on gav's list as a "cool mom" .. & i'm pretty sure alec secretly loves it too haha even through he laughed at me when he saw it. you can get one here if you wanna channel your inner star wars nerd with me :) 

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