a little sunday thought

"some things can only be learned by faith"
-dallin h. oaks 

".. he sees us worthy to rescue. lift up your heart. he will find you. he will rescue you. he will lift you up onto his shoulders .. & he will carry you home."
-dieter f. utchdorf 

these quotes have so much meaning to me & touches the feels that are deep, deep down in the depths of my soul. 

after going through a really, really tough 18-ish months .. faith is something that is near & dear to my heart. something i have definitely developed a great testimony about. 

life can definitely throw some big curve balls our way - some last for a few moments & others seem to last for months & months. 
whatever the timeframe may be .. just remember that with a little faith, great things come to pass & that you will always be rescued. 

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