taking stock | spring 2016 ed.

it's been a little while since i've done a "lately" post - & since life has been so crazy busy i figured it's appropriate so i don't forget all of the little things happening in our life right now. 

+ reading : 5 days at memorial & loving it so far
+ craving : nothing too crazy [breastfeeding cravings are a very real thing people] .. lots of protein 
+ watching : that new "family" tv show - can't decide if i love it or not. also quantico & i DO love that one.
+ cooking : a lot of new recipes. it's SO nice to have a normal appetite without all of the heartburn
+ soaking up : all of the baby snuggles & gavin snuggles i can! i seriously can't believe capri is 2 months old .. & that in just over 2 months i'll have a 4 year old!
+ lusting : a certain sofa .. i'm DYING to finish up our living room. dang the price tags on all of the furniture i want. i just keep telling myself baby steps haha 
+ loving : my new ward, neighborhood & all that comes with it! this "new start" has been just what we needed. also loving all of the fresh blooms popping out here & there! yay for spring!!
+ laughing at : gavin. that kid just says the darnedest things haha he's entertaining every minute of the day - exhaustingly entertaining :) if i could only figure out how to bottle up that energy & take some for myself! #yayfortoddlers 
+ products : loving all of the method products to clean our home with, the pureology strengthening line [for reals i notice a BIG difference in my hair], old navy + gap's kids clothing for summer & spring .. give me all of it, micellar water as a cleanser, tubby todd for the kiddos, honest company's diapers + wipes, & simply cranberry juice
+ excited about : SPRING! i am happy to see the sun shining + being able to play outside without a coat on .. utah just needs to make up its mind & keep the 60 degree weather around! 
+ needing : sleep. all of the sleep. between working nights & having a babe & toddler - sleep is taking a backseat & i'm not loving it haha 
+ itching : to go on a vacation! we're heading out to st. george in a few weeks with some friends - so that will be a BLAST! we have a few other trips planned for this summer - can't wait!!

+ a few weeks ago we all went up to watch connor play soccer at the rio tinto stadium. blue lemon was close by & i had been itching to try it out! it did not disappoint!! the aesthetic of the restaurant was super cool & the food was on point! i'll definitely go back for more - i hear their breakfast is delicious!

+ loving all of the moments like ^^ these. gav is such a sweet older brother - so attentive & sweet to capri! he loves that little girl something fierce & i can tell she just adores him back! i can't wait to keep watching their relationship grow & for them to become best friends. they're going to be a handful when she can move haha 

+ the target dollar section. well, target in general really. let's be honest - it's this momma's therapy to go to target haha i go at least once a week - if not more. probably not the best for our bank account but #yolo 
+ my grandpa hales had his 80th birthday party this last weekend. i got to see a lot of my extended family that i haven't seen in years, so that was fun! gav had a blast running around with the cousins & i stuffed my belly full of cafe rio - i'd say it was a successful party! :) 
+ if you follow me on instagram, you know i recently returned to work .. & much earlier than expected. since we just bought our home & are paying all of the medical bills [yay for bills .. NOT] we decided it would be best for me to go back a little earlier than expected instead of going unpaid for the last few weeks. it's been bitter-sweet. so fun to see all of my friends & to get my nursing groove back .. but so hard to leave my kiddos behind. it was fun getting a taste of the stay at home mom life for a minute. but i'm also grateful to get back into real life & figure out the new flow of things. i'm exhausted so far haha my time clock is SO messed up from getting use to going to bed at a normal hour again - but the first week is over so it should get easier from here!! 
+ my baby sister got engaged!! may 27 can't come soon enough! 

well i think that pretty much sums up life as of now! it's been super crazy - sometimes flat out insane! but it's been so fun .. i've loved becoming a momma of 2 & can't wait to see what adventures are ahead! 

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