2 months of capri

i can't believe this sweet little thing has been in our lives for 2 whole months!! 

at 2 months old here is what capri is up to : 

+ eats like there is no tomorrow! she's packing on the pounds quite nicely, as shown by the new rolls we find daily :) i love me a squishy baby

+ pretty much sleeps through the night .. on most nights .. if that makes any sense?! usually she'll eat last at 8 or 10 at night & then sleep until about 4 in the morning! 

+ L O V E S sleeping on her belly. i don't let her sleep on her stomach at night, but when she snuggles us, she loves it when she is on her tummy & we on our backs. this also makes tummy time quite worthless haha she'll fall asleep more than she'll try to move around .. 

+ speaking of moving around - no rolling yet for this girl! she's pretty close to rolling either way .. she just needs to figure out how to get over her arm. 

+ is obsessed with her baths! she's all smiles the entire time & loves to wiggle down into the bottom of her tub to get as deep in the water as possible. i think she's gonna go nuts this summer in a pool :) 

+ she's smiling a lot more these days! she's pretty smiley when she wakes up & right before bed. & i swear she smiles mostly at gavin ha. she has a smile i call her cheeseball smile - she squints her eyes & then smiles from ear to ear ha it's the cutest thing ever! & she obviously doesn't do it when i have the camera out .. or else i'd be showing it off! 

+ capri is starting to find her little sweet voice. she doesn't talk much - but when she does it's the sweetest thing ever! baby coo's never, ever get old! 

+ is very observant. she's pretty good at watching people, especially gav. she just takes it allll in with those wide-eyes. 

+ she's starting to notice & grab at toys. she has a little bouncer chair thing with a bar with little toys on it that she likes to try & hit. she also talks to them & smiles at them haha she's already so good at making friends :) 

+ still sleeps in mom & dad's room. i'm not quite ready for her to move down the hall - soon enough  

+ capri is the biggest cuddle bug. she loves to be "worn" in my moby wrap & she loves to be held. #spoiled haha but hey - she's only this little for so long, right? right. 

+ weight: 10.6 lbs [20th percentile] length: 21.5 inches [7th percentile] ofc: 37 [11th percentile]

+ has started to watch baby einstein & loves it! 

+ she doesn't cry much - when she does she is either HANGRY [like for reals. this girl has a pretty good fit when she wants to eat N O W] or tired. or being put in her carseat. once she's strapped in, she gets over it real quick .. but the initial getting in part is pretty traumatic ha 

+ a little drama queen for sure. she always cries when i try to burp her halfway through her feedings .. but it's not her regular cry, it's TOTALLY fake haha. the pouty lip + her little fake cry is the funniest. i seriously can't help but laugh. she'll also fake cough at you if she's "crying" & you don't pay attention. 

+ wears size 1 diapers & fits into 0-3 month clothes. i recently packed up all of her newborn clothes - ahh my heart. i don't know if i can do this growing up thing a second time. my heart can't take it!! but again, a story for another day.

+ she's decided she likes her binky. she usually takes it to sleep & then in her carseat. she still spits it out & gags on it at times ha but i think she's warm up to it nicely

+ she has like 10 hairs on the crown of her head that are supppeerrrr long 

+ i love when she makes her wrinkled nose face. it's the cutest. another one i need to be camera-ready for.

we just love our sweet capri ann!! i can't wait to keep watching her grow up [as long as it's not too fast]!!

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