1 month of capri

i am in serious denial over here that baby girl is 1 month old [as of the 29 of february]. 
time is such a dang thief .. i can't stand it. 
BUUTTT we have been loving, loving-on our sweet little capri. 
over the past few weeks i have been jotting things down that we love about capri + things that i always want to remember about this sweet newborn stage .. 

+ grunts .. mainly when she's hungry [or hangry - as we so lovingly say]
+ has adopted the nicknames little bird, little piglet, little worm [these first 3 when she's hungry], princess, baby girl, sweet girl, & little lady
+ i love her sweet newborn breath
+ looks just like momma [when i was a newborn] 
+ she makes a face i refer to as the "stinky face". she usually makes it right when she latches, which makes me feel great haha her nose gets all wrinkly & she squints her eyes & looks around like "what in the heck is she trying to feed me" haha 
+ she also has a face we call the "unsure face". wide-eyes nervously shifting back & forth haha it's the cutest, really 
+ her little arms & legs are constantly moving around when she's "talking", trying to toot, or tying to tell us she's hungry 
+ capri is a definite cuddle bug. she is always being held too .. which probably won't be a good thing come the day i actually need to put her down to be productive ha but between me, her dad & brother - she's always got someone snuggling her to death 
+ capri loves her brother! whenever he is in the room she always tries to find him & when she does, she doesn't look away. it's so sweet - i hope they become the best of friends 
+ she sneezes in 3's .. just like her grandpa hales :) 
+ usually eats every 2-3 hours, but has had a few 4-5 hour stretches at night! woot woot!!
+ her poop use to be STANKY haha i mean like rotten-eggs status [sorry baby girl, it's the truth]. it's actually a lot better now .. but MAN haha it use to be bad!
+ is a champ at nursing! she actually takes a bottle quite well too. we are kind of practicing with bottles so when i go back to work it's not a shock to her to have a plastic nipple in her mouth
+ isn't a huge fan of her binky. she'll take it occasionally at night to fall asleep & in her carseat
+ when she gets really worked up she snorts .. just like her momma [a lovely trait to pass on .. i know]
+ makes a "kkkkkkkkhhhhh" noise. it's really hard to spell haha but it's so funny - 
+ she has little frog legs she always folds up in a perfect indian style. she also puts her feet together, like you would your hands in yoga when you "namaste" .. but her feet! love, love, love it 
+ the thigh rolls 
+ capri loves her baths .. especially when her hair gets washed. another trait she got from her momma 
+ she always grabs my necklace & holds it when we cuddle 
+ she always has one arm out of her swaddle 
+ whenever we burp her, she puts both of her arms over our shoulders haha limp noodle status 
+ i LOVE when she roots on my face or neck. call me crazy, but it's like getting little kisses from her & i love it
+ eats very aggressively - there really aren't words to describe it haha you'd just have to hear it .. 
+ she's started to treat us to her sweet smiles 
+ LOVES brother 

obviously i could keep going & going .. but instead i'll just totally photo-bomb you with a few bunch of my favorite pictures/pictures of her throughout her first month 

brand new babe

gav's first time holding capri

3 days old

capri's first bath - she LOVED it!

the "stinky face" i talked about haha

valentines day

capri + gavin (ps please excuse gavin's hair .. he insists on doing it himself these days)

up at soldier hollow

sweet baby yawns

on her 1 month birthday


  1. Ok her stinky face is killing me!!! So adorable!!!

  2. All those pictures, I can hardly stand how cute she is! You're making me baby hungry and my baby is only 7 months... I too love when they root on your face or neck, so so sweet.