2015 highlights


+ lots of snow days
+ disneyland [view video here]


+ delivering valentine's 
+ fancy date night to ruth's chris with my lover


+ started my fertility treatments
+ gav & his bike 
+ planted our first garden 
+ took gavin to the temple grounds with all of the blossoms 
+ gav ran 1/2 mile with my mom


+ went to the tulip festival for the first time
+ got promoted to a charge nurse & celebrated my 1 year anniversary at intermountain healthcare 
+ park city staycation 
+ lots of hot tub time at grandma & grandpa's house


+ gav, alec & sandro on the soccer field. 
+ got to walk through the payson temple with my little family. 
+ hiked Y mountain as a family 


+ lot's of pool time
+ celebrated our little man's 3rd birthday 
+ lake powell [watch video here]
+ found out we were expecting baby #2!!
+ father's day 


+ celebrated the 4th of july at the stadium of fire & in midway for the annual oborn family reunion


+ gav started pre-school
+ we bought/decided to build our first home!


+ soccer for days - gav loves watching his uncle connor play
+ found out we are having a GIRL #feb112016
+ lots & lots of days spent at the museum of natural curiosity 


+ someone turned #dirty30!!
+ found our new favorite pumpkin patch
+ a very star wars halloween
+ park city with my fam
+ went to cornbelly's for the first time [among other october-ish activities]


+ celebrated my 27th birthday
+ got maternity pictures done 


+ lots of christmas fun [the last christmas as a family of 3!]

2015 brought us a lot of much-anticipated change & so many prayers were answered!! i seriously can't even begin to express my gratitude to heavenly father for dumping everything we have been praying for into our laps this year! yes, we definitely had our trying times as well .. but so much good that we have been hoping & praying for, for so long finally happened!!
i feel like i grew a lot spiritually this year .. and as a momma. i had to deal with a lot of emotional things, physical things, & temporal things that i haven't ever had to before. it's crazy how with trails come blessings .. my testimony grew 10-fold about that. 
2016 is going to start out with a BANG!! new house & new baby [hopefully in that order ha] .. all while continuing to try and keep "our normal" as much as possible. gav will continue with preschool & we were thinking about putting him in gymnastics again .. we will see. i am also super excited to enroll him into soccer this summer [spring? i dunno guys] & swimming lessons this summer!! 
i'm SO excited to see what else we have in store!

peace out 2015!!! 

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