that thankful post

usually i do a #30daysofthankful post all throughout the month of november .. but due to my being exceptionally busy with life & all of the crazy changes approaching, i decided to just enjoy the holiday & compile a little list later :) 
i like writing these posts because they help me reflect year-to-year on all of the blessings we received, all of the trials we trumped through & to show that there is, indeed SO much to be thankful for no matter what the circumstances. 

so .. here we go! 

+ i am so thankful for my little family! even though we have our moments [one pictured so beautifully above ha!] .. we have each other & that triumphs over all! i am also extremely thankful for our sweet baby girl, kicking away inside of me day after day. as most all of you know, it took a little while for us to conceive her & it was probably one of THE most trying things i've ever been through. by god's sweet grace, we didn't have to wait as long as some .. & we were able to get pregnant. this sweet little miracle girl is one thing 2015 will hold that no other year will. 

+ i am so thankful for my family, both my own & my in-laws! i seriously lucked out in this department! my parents are bomb, my siblings are amazing & i love how we've all been growing closer throughout the years. and my in-laws are just the sweetest .. i really am so thankful to have married into a family where they treat me as one of their own & have shown me nothing but love & support!

+ i am eternally thankful for my church, the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. i know that it is the true church on this earth & it really has blessed me & my family immeasurably. to know that there is a god out there who knows me personally, who loves me deeper than i could ever imagine is such a humbling yet comforting thing for me. to know that my little family is going to be together forever is the best & most precious gift i could ever ask for. i am so thankful for my savior who died for me so that all of this could be possible. 

+ i am thankful for a home. the fact that we have a place to keep warm & to have a roof over our heads is such a blessing, especially this time of year. 

+ i am so thankful for my job & my education. even though being a full-time working momma has been a BIG challenge of mine, i am thankful that i enjoy my field of work & that i get so much satisfaction out of it at the end of the day. & obviously i couldn't have obtained this job without my education .. so with that said i am thankful i had the opportunity to go to school & to get an education that benefits my family & i. 

+ i am so thankful for good friends. one thing i have learned in life is that good friends are hard to come by. they are all truly such blessings in my life. 

there are obviously so many more things i can list .. but this year, what i listed above has outweighed everything else. 

i hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving filled with all of the love, good food & family you could stand :) 


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