lately in los photos

1// soccer cleats + fall leaves
2// story time .. gav has been LOVING reading lately!
3// gavin always saves alec the darth vader fruit snacks haha such a sweetie
4// "momma .. i have a question" love his little face. he was my date to brunch the other day :) 
5// loved this [source unknown]
6// at connor's soccer game freezing our buns off! we got to test out grandma & grandpa's new motorhome & tailgated before the game!
7// hot chocolate .. need i say more
8// this is how gav fell asleep the other night haha whatever floats your boat little man 
9// our enormous pile of laundry seemed like a pretty good spot to set up camp & browse through the newest issue of the toys'r'us magazine

not pictured

+ things are getting real around here .. & real quick too! our house is almost completely framed [can i get a whoot woot!!?] so hopefully we will be moving within the next month .. maybe 2 .. but i'm praying for 1 haha. also, baby girl is getting SO big! i had my appt on the 17 & everything is measuring & looking great! she is still head-up so she's just chillin like a bean in there with no hurry to come out .. which is fine with me [for now]! her little profile kills me every time!! she looks so much like gavin already!! i am on pins & needles to see what she looks like! oh .. & i officially hit my 3rd trimester [insert wide eyes]. 

+ it snowed!!! usually i'm kind of a grinch about the cold .. but this year i'm embracing it [talk to me again in march if it's still cold haha]. 

+ gavin is still loving & doing so great in school!! it amazes how much these little munchkins soak up in those brains of theirs! 

+ can't believe this year is coming to a close in a little over a month. so so SO crazy!! 

+ booked our newborn session :) kind of really excited about it. 

+ still working full-time. kind of starting to waddle around haha but i'm hanging in there!! 

+ alec got his birthday present in the mail [only a month late haha]! let's just say he & gavin are ready to have some father-son campouts! 

+ got our christmas cards printed. guys .. i feel so on top of it for once in my life haha

+ obsessing over targets christmas decor. pretty sure i mentioned this a bit ago .. but really. i have to practice some MAJOR self-control whenever i go there. 

+ tried out a fellow instagrammer's suggestion on purchasing starbucks double chocolate hot chocolate mix + adding in some peppermint bark on the bottom as well as crumbling it and sprinkling it on top of whipped cream. umm HEAVEN!! just do it mmk? ok. 

+ got all of gavin's christmas shopping DONE! & it feels so good ... we're going small & simple this year but i'm pretty sure he's gonna LOVE it all! i'm excited for him to see everything! 

+ booked some maternity photos! suppperr excited about these too! i'm not one to get pictures taken of myself a lot .. or hardly ever. so these small little opportunities are kind of exciting for me! 

+ excited for thanksgiving!! 

+ turning 27 soon [crying face] .. like .. what??! i am officially closer to 30 than 20 now .. eww haha 

+ tried out a pretty good pineapple chicken recipe [think orange chicken .. but pineapple flavored]. it was actually yummy & fairly easy! i'll have to post about it soon for you to try out. 

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