gavinisms | october

every time we drive past our lot/hole/house-to-be gavin always yells "MOMMA!! are you SOO excited??!

gavin was talking about baby sister & said "we need to buy her soccer cweats [cleats] with fwowers [flowers] so she can pway with us!!

he says "that would be terrible" to everything that he thinks will go bad haha 

at least once a day, i get a "momma?? are you happy??" i don't know where he got that .. but it's sweet of him to check in haha 

gav & harper had a play date & whenever we leave, the 2 of them have a small come apart. once we got into the car, i was asking gavin if he had fun & what his favorite thing we did was, etc .. then he paused and said "mom .. i wuv harper" i responded "i know you do bud"  to which he responded "no momma .. i SWEETHEART wuv harper" haha ummm i'm not sure what that means but he's never said that one before. so sweet. 

he calls yellow & red cards in soccer tickets.

coasters = kneepads. he'll always tell people to "put your drink on a kneepad!!" 

everything that he likes a lot is "rewrewy much [really much]" for example "i wuv you rewrewy much momma!"

alec was asking him what his last name was. gav said "salmon .. like the fish" haha alec & i have to use that example to help clarify our name when we tell people & apparently gavin picked up on it haha we were dying!

he pulls a face that we fondly refer to as the creepy face, or in his words "cweepy face"

we went up to midway/heber with alec's parents & stopped at deer creek on the way home to throw rocks & get in some fresh air. alec found a crawdad shell & let gavin hold it. gav was a bit hesitant at first .. but finally decided to test it out. he quickly put it down & said "poor crab" haha. 

his favorite tv show these days is word world. 

he is star wars obsessed! anything & everything star wars is so cool to him! & i have to say his dad is loving it haha 

he asked me where bellybuttons came from the other day. the things he thinks about haha 

he has named baby sister sweetheart pink. 

we were walking around in the riverwoods hand-in-hand when he sweetly looked up at me & said "momma. you're beautiful" i about DIED. it was the sweetest thing ever & i needed it that day. i swear he just knows exactly what i need when i need it. best little boyfriend ever!

"momma .. you should be chewbacca for halloween. or a pig .. or a cow .." thanks for that self esteem boost buddy haha! 

we took gavin to get his flu shot & he was telling alec's grandpa that he needed to go & get his too. alec's grandpa asked him if it hurt & gav responded "yeah. it did .. but only for a second!" then alec's grandpa said "and then it feels better?" gavin said "well .... no. it still hurts."

BBQ chips = "rootbeer chips!" because the packaging is brown .. like rootbeer haha 

oh dear is "or dear"

gavin is starting to try & put together how people are related - so his grandpa is my dad, etc.. he does pretty well for the most part but lately he's been saying "that's my son, dad!" haha i die every time!

we bought little smokies [the mini hotdogs] to make mummy dogs with for lunch & alec asked gavin if he was ready to eat some smokies. gavin paused for a second & replied "no dad!! i not gonna eat smoky .. that's cici's dog!!" haha our neighbor has a dog named smoky so he connected those dots real fast. 

gavin is doing so well in school! he has learned a good handful of letters & loves to practice! he is always asking me what letter certain things or names start with. he also likes to count & sort things: puzzle pieces, colors, etc.. we spend a lot of time doing puzzles & playing games together. he loves them all!
we also love to play the game "i spy" in the car. gav is just as full of spunk & spice as ever & we wouldn't have it any other way! i love how fast he catches on to things & what a sweet little boy he is. i honestly don't know how he has such a big heart, but he does & it's so obvious! 
the other day he vacuumed his room & it actually looked REALLY good! he also loves to help me mop the floor. such a good little helper. 
gav has such a passion & excitement for life & it is so contagious to be around! we love this little monkey more than life & are loving every second of being his parents!!

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