29 week bump date

at 29 weeks baby girl is weighing in at about 3 pounds [according to my app] & measuring about 17 inches long! i kind of highly doubt the 17 inches thing cause gav was only 18.5 when he was born .. so i'm assuming she's a bit smaller! 

cravings have kind of calmed down a bit .. i am loving the seasonal hot cocoa & of course, all of the sweets, but other than that i just kind of eat whatever [as long as it's not going to burn my esophagus off]. 
baby girl LOVES to move & dance around in there! especially when she hears gavin talking. she already loves her big brother so much!! alec pokes & pesters her .. she either does one of two things, she'll kick back as hard as she can, or she'll run & hide haha typical girl right there! al has no idea what he's getting himself into haha
at my last appointment, she was still head-up, which doesn't have me too stressed out yet haha. we still have a while until she should make her debut .. but i hope she plops into the ready position sooner than later. 
the glucose test is DONE .. thank the heavens above. i hate that test! i just have the hardest time drinking melted otter pops haha i haven't gotten those test results back yet, but i'm hoping everything looks normal. 
brixton-hicks contractions are happening pretty frequently, especially toward the end of the day. my ob said that it's pretty common to get them early-ish with your second & not to fear haha it still kind of makes me nervous though. i hope she doesn't decide to come too early [although a few days early is always a welcomed idea :)] i also get contractions in my back .. or at least i think that's what they are. either that or it's sciatic nerve pain. either way, things get a little painful & uncomfortable at times. but hey .. nothing a heating pad & back rub can't fix, right??! 
we are still needing to run out & purchase those last minute baby items, but are pretty much ready for this girl when the time comes! i think we're going to start stalking up on some diapers here pretty soon. i totally forgot how many they go through in a day!! feeling pretty thankful that we'll only have one babe in diapers instead of two .. cause MAN are they a pricy necessity! 

other than the aches, pains & heartburn i am feeling pretty good! just getting to that point where i look & feel "very pregnant" ha. just feeling so so thankful that she's in there & doing well. i still can't believe we're adding a baby girl to the mix in a handful of weeks!! 


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