23.6 week bumpdate

baby girl is the size of a papaya 

this last week flew & baby girl is growing more & more every day! she has been kicking & moving so much lately & we love it! gavin loves smashing his face into my belly to tell baby girl all about life: soccer, food, how he needs to get her cleats, & how he's going to find her a soft blanket haha just the sweetest big brother ever!

i am craving chocolate daily & eat a handful of chocolate chips a day to satisfy that craving [thank you costco-sized bag]! 

weight gain has been slow & steady .. just glad that everything is healthy. 

we are stocking up on lots & lots of clothes, bows & cute mini-lady things! you guys .. i CANT stop!! it's a problem haha. alec just rolls his eyes at me every time he gets the mail haha. #oops but really, can you blame me??! 

we are still slowly figuring out the nursery. i think we have the main things we need [crib, rocker, etc]. i'll probably wait until we move in to add the final touches. i am saving up for some crib sheets & an ottoman i've been LUSTING after .. so hopefully after that purchase, we'll pretty much be set as far as baby girl's room goes. 

we still love the name we picked out & use it daily. 

work is still rough .. i'm just exhausted by 0300-0400. but i'm still able to keep up with everything, so that's good. i am just waddling by the end of the night haha i also get pretty nauseated as well by the end of my shift. it's not the best feeling ever, but i'll take it if that's all i have to deal with. 

i have my appointment on thursday for this month & can't wait to see baby girl squirming around! i love going to the doctor for that reason haha

16.1 weeks until go time! it sounds like forever .. but seriously i just know between moving & life in general .. it's gonna fly!! 

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