22 week bumpdate + some rants & such

oh heyyyy! yes .. i'm H U G E .. & only a touch over half way [insert wide-eyes here]. BUT i'm loving this bump of mine!! pictured above is the last day i wore my regular scrub top to work haha i was stretched to the max [we're talking my hands couldn't fit into my pockets haha].

baby is now the size of a spaghetti squash! i'm feeling more & more movement every day! baby girl likes to chill in my right lower abdomen. she is constantly poking at my bladder, which makes bathroom breaks a bit emergent at times, but otherwise i welcome the sweet investigative punches & kicks! 

as far as cravings go, i still am loving sour .. grapefruit has been a snack of choice lately. i also love drinking orange juice. there really hasn't been anything i HAVE to have daily lately though. the other night i really wanted pizza, but aside from that, i've been eating what everyone else is eating. although heartburn has decided to show up with a vengeance .. so i have to watch the grease/spice level of my meals & snacks a little closer. thank goodness for tums!! 
my morning sickness still hangs around occasionally. i only throw up a couple times a week now, if that. so i really can't complain at all! it feels great to not feel nauseated ALL of the time! such a relief since i was sick 100% of the time with gavin. 

round ligament pain is kicking my bootay this time around. i have to wear a pretty tight bellyband to compress my big belly against my body more so i'm not so achy, especially at work. man those 12 hour shifts are a BEAST sometimes. i also started to wear ted hose [compression socks] to work. i know, i'm pretty much 80 now haha but they seriously make such a big difference! don't know why i didn't pick these up earlier! 
my hair is growing pretty quickly, but those think & luscious locks haven't shown up yet. in fact, i swear i shed more than i do not pregnant! it's fine though, the same thing happened with gavin so i wasn't expecting anything different. 

it's been funny to see my patients reactions to me at work. i walk in & almost immediately their eyes go to my belly. why yes, yes i am pregnant haha. you can tell most of them want to ask, but don't. by the time we reach our halfway mark of the shift, they usually pop the question. 

at this point we have officially purchased most all of the nursery furniture [i just need to find a cute little accent table]. we are waiting until we move for me to buy any decor. we figured that stuff can wait. we have a crib, a rocking chair & a game plan of what i want it to look like. so as soon as we are in the house, i'm pulling the trigger & my major nesting-mode is gonna get that nursery completed 100% before baby girl comes! 
we also have purchased some clothes. okay .. lots of clothes. conveniently old navy & gap were having all kinds of sales when we found out what we were having [it was a sign people]. needless to say we stocked up on some baby girl clothing. i DIE at all of the mini things. and then there are headbands. i get to buy headbands this time!! i discovered there are nylon-elastic headbands & i seriously won't get anything else. whoever thought that up was a genius!! i'm so excited to accessorize our little miss. 

gavin is still excited. he tells everyone her name is "seetheart pink" with the most proud smile & voice. he knows her real name .. but he thinks his is better, obviously haha. we got our double stroller in the mail & gav loves to test it out. he's loaded up the storage basket with toys & snacks. the kid is ready to hit the town with baby sister! haha gosh he is gonna be the best big brother ever! i seriously can't wait!! i'm excited to meet her .. but i think i'm more excited to see gavin with her. i just know it's going to be one of the sweetest, most special moments ever. 

emotionally i'm still feeling pretty good. i've only had a few breakdowns that involved all of the good things like hyperventilating, tears, snot & the inability to speak haha. it mostly happens after i work. being tired does not bring out the best in me haha. let's be honest. i handled exhaustion a lot more gracefully when i wasn't a walking sack of hormones. but it's fine. :) just comes with the momma-job! 

all in all we are doing great! just anxious to get into our new place. alec & i have been GUTTING our house. i'm talking we have bags & bags & BAGS of clothes, toys, accessories, skis, shoes, blankets .. you name it! we are hoping to do a yard sale in the near future to get rid of the baggage & start fresh! it's crazy how much you can accumulate throughout the years! but it feels so good to just toss a whole bunch of stuff & simplify. 


  1. umm you look adorable!! You are one of the lucky ones who wear it well :) I love how you are like all prepared already, I was the same way! So exciting!!

    1. ha oh you are always too kind amanda! but thank you :) & seriously .. haha i think my type a/ ocd personality comes out even more when i'm anticipating something [or someone] haha

  2. I was SHOCKED how much stuff we got rid of when we moved that we'd just accumulated and stored over the 4.5 years we'd lived there! It was crazy!

  3. Oh, and I don't think I've commented about this yet, but CONGRATULATIONS on your new little baby!!!! I'm excited for you!