because i can't just sit back & say nothing ..

so i'm sure many of you are aware of the "nurse controversy" that occurred with miss colorado & the view. because i am a nurse & because i have a passion for what i do, i have to just put my 2 cents out there about this whole thing. 

1. honestly .. how uneducated & rude is someone to make snide comments about nurses? nurses are a lot more than they appear. we are invested with our time & our emotions. we miss family events, holidays & our children's sports events. some 12 hour shifts turn into 16 hour shifts, without a bathroom or food break. we get yelled at by patient family members, patients & doctors. we get hit, kicked & spit at. we are responsible for our patients LIVES. our job isn't one you just mindlessly do. you have to be alert, educated & up to date with the best practices. you have to know how to be safe & how to identify problems. we don't always have a doctor watching our patients. in fact, the doctors round on the patients once a day & rely on us to monitor & care for our patients for them. we are the hands on care that every patient gets. 

2. last time i checked, every nurse wears a stethoscope. not just doctors. like really?? really. 

3. nursing IS indeed a talent. in fact, i would stretch far enough to say that most every profession requires talent. if you're not good at it, then you're not successful .. right?! i personally could NOT be a school teacher. i can't handle a million kids. yes, i love children. but it takes a special person, special TALENT, to handle & successfully teach them. same with news anchors, tv personalities, etc. you have to be good at what you do, to do it for a living. wouldn't you consider that definition to fall under, oh, i dunno .. a talent? 

i love my job. it's hard, it's exhausting, it pushes me .. but at the end of the day .. i know that i had a physical hand in assisting with patients healing & with helping them feel better & taken care of. i also know i play a big role in keeping them safe & alive. & that is worth everything i sacrifice & deal with. i get to serve people every time i go to work, how bomb is that?! there is SO much more to nursing than meets the eye .. & i wish people would realize that. as stupid & unnecessary this "controversy" has been .. i'm kind of glad that it happened. it has, i feel, opened the eyes of many who don't truly understand the sacrifices & talent their local nurses truly have & make. 

& i'm done with my rant now. :) 

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