baby diaries | weeks 1-20

well now that it's all out in the open [FINALLY!!!] .. i can post this little journal i've been working on for the past few months! 

below you will find a compilation of thoughts, feelings & happenings throughout the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy #2! so stop now if you're not into reading a journal ... :) 

may 30 : i "started" my period .. 

may 31 : my "period" stopped 

june 1 : POSITIVE pregnancy test - we didn't believe it. i wanted to make sure that i wasn't pregnant so i could start my second round of clomid.

june 2 : second POSITIVE pregnancy test!! 
we still can't believe it!! i am scared to get too excited due to previous experiences with miscarrying .. but part of me feels SO good about this! 
i called my obgyn today to tell her the news! i am starting progesterone again to make sure this pregnancy stays viable [at least hormone-wise]. although miscarriages do happen for other reasons besides hormones .. the hormones are what appear to be my biggest problem & the reason for my previous 3 miscarriages. 
we also scheduled my first ultrasound & appointment for the end of the month to make sure everything looks healthy & on-track. i can't wait to see our little bean! i am nervous to go .. but i'm also very excited & anxious. fingers criss-crossed applesauced that everything looks PERFECT!

according to my obgyn & iphone app .. i am 5.0 weeks along. the only symptoms i am feeling at this point are the usual frequent urination, tender girls & constantly hungry [a.k.a. hangry]. i occasionally feel little spouts of nausea .. mostly when i'm working all night long. other than that .. so far i feel great! my morning sickness didn't kick in until about 8 weeks with gavin though .. so we'll see. i'm anticipating being sick, at least for the first trimester. 
but even if i'm barfing 1,000 times a day .. i'll be so SO happy about it! throwing up never was so exciting.

i am just over the moon today!!! after my positive test i dropped to my knees & thanked my heavenly father. i just couldn't believe i was actually, actually saying "i thank thee for this pregnancy .." 
WHATT??!! I'M PREGNANT!!! i'm pregnant i'm pregnant i'm PPRREEGGGNNNAAANNNTTT!!

june 11 : dear little bean,
according to my pregnancy app you are 6.1 weeks old .. the size of sweet pea!! i can't even believe it still! it's been a hard secret to keep .. especially since your arrival has been long awaited. but we just want to make sure you are healthy & strong before we tell everyone. june 29 is the day we tell your big brother, our family & close friends about you because that's the day we will get to see you for the first time! i am anticipating that day with much excitement, anxiety & gratitude. we have waited a loooonnnnnggg time for you! your big brother gavin is going to be most excited, i think! he has been BEGGING me to "catch a baby" .. & we finally caught you!! he reminds me every day that we need a baby, & it's been SO SO hard not to say anything. but you see, he'll be so excited about you he'll shout it on the rooftops .. & we're not ready to announce your arrival just yet. 
don't think you like eggs much. & you're always hungry! you haven't made me too sick yet .. just very tired. i'm sure we'll be becoming more acquainted with the porcelain throne in the upcoming weeks. which i honestly don't mind at all! i've never been so happy to be sick [or anticipating being sick]! i get nauseated occasionally .. but that's nothing a small meal can't fix! 
oh .. and the baby gap had a sale. i bought a few items, both boy & girl. i guess we'll see if you are a he or a she soon enough! either way .. we are SO excited to add you to our little family! we already love you so, so much & can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

june 18 : 7.1 weeks [baby is the size of a blueberry!!]
the past couple of days i've been feeling more & more nauseated .. which i'm SO happy about! i've never said a prayer of gratitude after throwing up before. ha! funny how perspectives change huh? i'm getting more & more anxious to meet our little one [on the big screen :)] & to see what my exact due date is & all of that. 
all of my work friends are figuring out you're coming. it must be because i have to eat non-stop all night long to keep from puking & feeling nauseated. & the fact that i did throw up last night. they're all over the moon excited .. but sworn to secrecy because we still haven't told anyone else!
the other day, gavin lifted up my shirt & started pushing on my belly [he thinks if you "catch a baby" that you're automatically showing & have a hard stomach]. he then placed his head on my stomach & thoughtfully asked .. "is there a baby in there mom? i don't fink so .." to which i responded "i don't know gavin, is there one in there? it just might be really, really small right now". he looked up at me, with those big doe-eyes & just kind of smiled.
i think he knows. deep, deep down i think he knows. ahh i can't wait to tell him that we actually caught a baby!!
keep hanging on in there little angel. hang on tight!!

june 22 : 7.5 weeks
well i've officially entered the "morning sickness" phase of this pregnancy! it hasn't been as bad as it was with gavin [not nearly as bad] .. but when it hits, there better be a toilet nearby or else .. we have a problem. 
father's day was rough, lots & lots of meat was being served .. none of which were sounding appealing at the time. choking down dinner was H A R D. especially because the secret is still a secret. i want to wait SOO badly until we have the ultrasound to announce to our family .. hopefully i can keep the puking on the down-low for another week. 
refried beans & watermelon have been a big hit and are on the top of my list of "will eat" foods. 
any meats or salty foods [minus tortilla chips, pretzels & crackers] can take a hike! i've actually been able to drink a good amount of water thus far. with gavin, it was an absolute N O with the water, which landed me in the er with an iv. so far, so good as long as it's cold & i take small sips. 
gav has been SO helpful! he still doesn't know about baby .. but he's definitely seeing the symptoms all day every day. whenever i throw up, he runs to the fridge to grab me a sprite or a coke. such a sweetie. a few sips of the carbonation gets my stomach settled enough to eat something a little more nutrient-friendly. smoothies also get a two thumbs up! which were also a big no with gavin. it's so funny to see the differences between the pregnancies. 
i think i know what to do now when the nausea hits. you have to eat .. no matter what. it's what makes you feel better. whether you throw up first or not is another story, but eating solves the nausea. i didn't get that with gavin cause .. usually when you're nauseated you DONT eat. so this time around has been LOTS easier to manage. 
i still send alec on crazy scavenger hunts in the wee hours of the morning [usually just to our fridge]. he's been such a trooper. i know he was scared to death of the morning sickness .. & i think so far he's been pleasantly surprised. 
i am still SO happy every time i do feel nauseated though. it just makes me feel more secure about how things are doing on the inside. next week [monday!] we get to do an ultrasound & all of that fun stuff so i'm SUPER anxious & excited!! i hope everything looks good in there!! 
people at work are noticing my weird eating habits & me asking them to lift & transfer patients for me. so .. they all pretty much know. it's so sad that my work family finds out before my actual family .. but for safety reasons for the baby, there are certain rooms & diseases i cannot be exposed to, so i honestly have to tell them so i don't get stuck in a situation that could potentially be dangerous. 
i think when i was eating a tub of potato salad & a bag of cherries, it gave me away haha oh the cravings that hit while i'm working! 
well .. that's all for now!! 

june 29 : OFFICIALLY 7.5 weeks

dear little bean, 
today we got to MEET you for the first time!! although you're teeny-tiny .. you had a strong heartbeat [at 159 bpm!!] and stole all of our hearts in an instant!! 
we told all of your aunts, uncles, cousins & grandparents about you .. they are all so excited to meet you! we'll announce your arrival to the great-grandparents & extended family in due time .. but for now we are soaking up this sweet time! 
as i suspected, i am measuring 1 week behind what my app said i was. so as of today, i am 7.5 weeks along & still sick as ever!! but loving it too, if one can truly love throwing up. 
but anything for this sweet babe. 
ohh little one, we are SO excited to meet you on FEBRUARY 11!!! 

july 1 : 7.6 - 8.0 weeks
well little one, you surely know how to keep your momma on her toes. 
while i was at work on tuesday night [technically early wednesday morning] i started bleeding some bright red blood. my heart stopped & i seriously couldn't breathe. i started panicking .. not another miscarriage. especially after two days before, being told that everything looked perfect .. & telling close family. 
i went down to the er where they ran blood tests & did an ultrasound. i started crying when i saw your heartbeat with a heart rate of 161! there really is nothing to describe the relief i felt in that moment. 
the doctor, however, did find a SCH [subchorionic hemorrhage] - which is what i experienced with gavin. so i have been on a "light duty" rest .. no lifting, no being on my feet for prolonged periods of time & just wait. my obgyn doesn't really need to see me until my 12 week appointment because then they can determine if my placenta will be effected by this bleed or not .. depending on where it develops. 
so for now .. i am praying every single day that you hold on tight. i am doing my best to keep you safe & strong. 
i have had one more episode of bleeding .. but nothing i need to worry too much about because it was nothing more than the first time. 
keep on hanging on little one! we love you so much! 

july 11 : 9.3 weeks 
well i'm still here & so is baby! we had a heartbeat check at the beginning of this week & all looks well! also, no more bleeding for now - so that is also great, great news. 
i am still throwing up on the daily .. more like hourly. it's been rough, no lies here. but i can't help but smack myself a bit whenever i start to get down about it. because H E L L O this is what i've been wishing for 18 months! 
work is like the WORST ever. constantly smelling nasty smells .. helping other people clean up their throw up .. and again, nasty, nasty, NNNAAAAYYYSSSTTTYYY smells. but all of my coworkers are amazing & sweet & help me out as much as they can. good thing it's in their nature to help huh? :) as far as gavin is doing .. MAJOR mommy guilt over her for being a couch potato [especially after working]. he's been THE sweetest thing on this planet & hasn't gotten mad at me once for not jumping up & making our day fun-filled. puzzles, movies & story time have been on the clock. when dad gets home from work, he's pretty much dragging him outside haha but he's hanging in there too. & here is where i need to shout out to family & friends! goodness .. how would i survive without you??! gav has been ever so graciously scooped up to go & actually DO something on more than a few occasions, which has saved both he & i. so THANK YOU ... you know who you are!!! 
getting excited to see this little babe in a few weeks again for our 12 week .. & to hear that heart thump-thump-thumping away. gosh there really is no other sound that makes you feel so complete. i've also started telling a few more people at a time. my close girlfriends [since elementary school!] & a few other family members. i'm planning on telling more after the 12 week mark ... i think i'll feel pretty secure by then. but we'll see what the doc says. 
oh .. and let me just insert a few short thoughts about "the bloat". cause really i look like i'm 20 weeks prego .. which is anatomically impossible cause my uterus hasn't risen above my pelvis yet .. but yet i still have this prego tummy already. i'll chalk it up to the sodium from my ramen i've been living on .. and soda haha [i haven't been taking ANY medications for nausea this time around]. so if you see me & i look like a cow .. just don't say so okay? okay. 
well, that's all for now .. we'll keep living on ramen noodles, coke & prayers that this little one keeps staying put & keeps growing healthy & strong! 

july 20 : 10.5 weeks
heyy hey hey! so .. we're still alive. gav & i got hit by an awful cold that has swept us off of our feet for a few days. fever, nasty cough, aches, chills, the whole bit. yay for coughing up a lung & puking all day. other than that misery, we are still hanging in there! 
i bought a doppler that i use once a day to listen to the sweet little thump thump of our baby's heartbeat. call me crazy .. but after a few miscarriages .. i figured i'm enabled just a little bit to purchase a cheap-ish device to keep my sanity. i still can't believe this is real sometimes. some mornings i wake up & freak out a bit thinking it was all a dream. but it's not a dream .. definitely not a dream :) 
gav is starting to get more & more excited about it too, i think. today he lifted up my shirt, put his sweet little lips against my stomach & started singing softly to the baby "babyyyyy, oh babbbyyyy" ugh melt my heart why dontcha!!? he also started telling me all about what he & the baby are going to do. he is convinced that they are a she .. so we'll roll with that for now .. 
"momma! i gonna put her in the stroller & go SHO fast .. & hers is gonna like it! i gonna put her in a blanket & snuggle her & change her poop & it's gonna get ALL over me! but it's okay .. i gonna kiss her & hold her & love her momma!
love these moments with my two angels. even though 98% of the time i feel like i'm dying .. i can't find it in me to complain .. not one little bit. i have what i have been begging & pouring my heart out for. if you ask me if it's hard .. i won't lie. it's SO hard. but it's SO worth it. and i am so in love with this little peanut already. more than they will ever, ever know. with "her", gavin & alec by my side .. life is just complete. i seriously couldn't ask for more. 

july 31 :12.2 weeks
well we've officially made it to 12 weeks!! can i get a hallelujah??! not only am i feeling TONS better [even though i'm still puking on the daily .. just not AS much] but i'm feeling more & more confident this little bean is staying for good! 
we've had a few more bleeding incidents but all have cleared up pretty quickly & haven't caused any issues with baby. this is TMI but i'm just gonna be real here. the hormones they had me on & the nausea medication i'm FINALLY taking = major constipation problems. like .. for reals i feel like i'm gonna die sometimes. so that's been real fun to deal with. 
as far as other pregnancy symptoms go .. i look like i'm 16 weeks along. there is definitely a bump there. but it's probably a combo of poop & baby haha let's be honest. i also crave fruit & cherry slurpees like a crazy person, mostly peaches. which is so funny cause with gavin i stayed away from fruit like it was the plague. i didn't want anything to do with it! ice-cream has also been a staple haha thank you ben & jerry's. 
at my most recent appointment, when i got weighed i actually have been loosing weight. so i'm not gonna guilt myself on the ice-cream treats :) at least not yet. anything cold & sweet is what i usually crave. i've also loved oatmeal. i dunno folks. it's weird. 110% different than my pregnancy with gavin. so when gender-time comes around, it'll be interesting to see if it's a he or a she! either way i'll be ecstatic [although the thought of a little lady is in my head more than another little man]. 

august 22: 15.3 weeks
holy moses i haven't been on here in a while! well i'm happy to say that the babe is still alive & well .. & we've OFFICIALLY made it out of the first trimester!! AND what's even better is i'm feeling SO SO SO much better! i still take zofran every now & again but i avoid it if at all possible. baby still loves fruit & anything sweet & cold. i still can't stand fast food, french fries, or soda .. only rootbeer on occasion. which still kills me cause with gavin, i didn't want anything but salty, nasty, processed foods. i mean .. it was bad. but hey i guess you gotta eat whatever stays down right? ugh i was also REALLY sick with gavin the whole entire pregnancy so this little streak i've been having of not vomiting all day every day has been quite the breath of relief. 
everything seems to have popped the past couple of weeks .. namely my belly & bosoms. it's crazy how fast & how much you show with your second. i mean .. i look like i did at 25 weeks. but i am not gonna complain one little bit - nothing makes me happier than seeing my bump grow & knowing what's inside. 
i have my appointment coming up in a couple of days to check on everything. alec really wants to get an early gender ultrasound so we'll probably end up doing that in the next couple of weeks. i can't believe we're to that point already! to know what we're having!! talk about crazy!!

on a non-pregnancy note .. things here at the salmon household have been absolutely CRAZY town!! SO much good is happening & we are just over the moon! after the past year, which was like .. a really tough one for us .. we are feeling so so blessed & so thankful that we are finally getting to where we have wanted to be .. we are finally accomplishing some dreams! and baby it feels good!! 

september 1: 16.6 weeks 
here is my 16 week bump ha. looks like i'm WAY farther along but hey .. no one's complaining here! i'm loving this bump .. & so is gavin! daily kisses & conversations take place & it really is just the sweetest. 
my appointment last week went really well. baby looks great & is moving around like a little worm all of the time [at least per the ultrasound]. i MIIIGGHHTTT be feeling some movement but i'm still not 100% sure .. but i'm pretty sure it's baby. we tried to set up an early ultrasound to find out the gender, but they were pretty much booked & i work the only evening they had an opening. so we're waiting until the 20 week mark .. which is just fine. i mean, we wanted to find out earlier .. but oh well. i guess a couple more weeks really won't make that big of a difference. 
i'm officially NOT taking zofran around the clock anymore! occasionally i'll take one at night & sometimes in the morning .. but i've done pretty well keeping things down all on my own! which makes me SO happy! i NEVER felt this good with gavin so i'm like PRAISE THE HEAVENS! yay for feeling human-ish again!! 
cravings have still been going strong in the cold & sweet department. i'm not big on fast-food or fried anything. spicy has also been nixed due to heartburn. i've been LOVING salads covered in veggies lately & fruit smoothies. i'm so happy i'm craving healthy foods this time around .. with gavin it was hard cause i don't usually eat fast food or processed food a lot .. maybe every once in a while we'd go grab a burger or something .. but while i was pregnant that's all i wanted. we never made home cooked meals & now that's all i want! 
oh yea - i've been feeling well enough to cook again too!! yay for small victories!! 
at my last appointment my doctor was so happy to see that i was finally starting to gain some weight back! i think she was a little worried about me haha but we're moving up on the scale now, which is always a good thing. 
the biggest thing now is just waiting for our next appointment to find out the gender!! i can't believe the pregnancy is ALMOST halfway over! i swear gavin's lasted 2 years haha but this one is flying by! maybe it's cause we are super busy with building our home & getting everything ready for that + working full time still. 
and yes .. we are BUILDING A HOUSE!!! ahh i can't even tell you how happy we are! after a looonggg 2 years of looking for that perfect home & saving, saving our pennies .. we decided to pull the trigger & build. i'll touch more on this later .. but it's been SO exciting for us! 
after last year being so hard for us in more than a few ways .. we are feeling ultimately blessed right now with a baby on the way & a brand new home going up. life has a way of working out .. sometimes when we least expect it. and we seriously just can't believe that these things are happening at the same time. 2 things that we've been longing for, for quite some time now. 
blessed doesn't even begin to describe how i'm feeling. i am just so so thankful for heavenly father knowing the perfect timing for us & for blessing us after we learn whatever we are suppose to. 
i know this is suppose to be a "bump date" but .. i just can't think about baby or our future home without feeling utterly overwhelmed with gratitude. 

we can't wait to find out what you are little one!! boy or girl .. we are SO ready for you!!

september 8 : 17.6 weeks

HELLOOO 17.6 weeks! i have started to feel definitive kicks & punches now! not very often, but enough that i know it's the small babe. 
veggies have been my jam lately. alec & i went to try out the new black bear diner & i got the veggie omelet .. let's just say i was in HEAHH-VUUNNNN!! i have wanted giant omelets every day since. i also made a 6-vegetable minestrone soup that was delicious. haha alec & gavin have been getting lots of nutritious foods lately due to my current cravings :) 
i'm still all about fruit & ice-cream as well. oh .. & ice water. i don't really want anything else to drink but water. BUT it has to be cold .. or no bueno. i've been loving the pebble ice at work .. one thing i snack on all night for sure haha
i battled a migraine from hell for 4 days in a row .. which also happened to be days that i was working. so it was like .. ultra misery for a moment there. the throbbing behind my eyes & temples was just enough to make me want to curl up in a ball & die. all of the nausea & bad things started happening because if it too. i'm happy to say that i'm officially out of the woods on that one. but whew i hope it never happens again. 
gavin constantly talks to the little turnip [apparently that's what size the babe is right now] & always want's to hear the "heart beeping" - today he actually started dancing to the beat haha. such a little sweetie. he really is going to be the best big brother! he is already offering to share his high chair & other things .. so hopefully his world isn't rocked too, too much. 
we're getting more & more anxious by the day to find out what the gender is! the majority of everyone we talk to think it's a girl .. a few are indecisive. we will see!! we are excited to find out so we can start to purchase all of the boy or girl things for their nursery [their as in his or her .. not multiples :) just wanted to be clear there]. we also have names picked out for both genders. we have 1 for a girl we're pretty sold on & 2 for a boy. 
the constipation has let up .. THANK HEAVENS! i seriously hated being all plugged up. there really isn't much that is worse than that. sorry if tmi .. but i'm being real here. 
the chewy vitamins have become my best friends .. zofran is on the back burner for now. it feels so good not to depend on that stuff 24-7. i also haven't had any type of bleeding in a while! which is also amazing! i hated dreading to go to the ladies room because it was a mild anxiety attack every time. 
dramatic? probably. but very, very true. 
my skin is still fairly clear. i have a few zits pop up here & there but again, nothing like the acne face i had with gavin! it was honestly terrible! i can probably thank my current diet & cravings for this one .. but either way i'm so thankful. 

overall we've been feeling great! just busy with house & moving things & just life in general. 2 weeks & 2 days until we get to see their sweet little face! 

september 19 : 19.3 weeks . baby is the size of a large tomato  

i seriously can't believe that i'm almost halfway through this pregnancy! compared to gavin's .. this one has FLOWN by!! 
we get to find out baby's gender in 5 days!! i seriously can't handle the anticipation anymore!! 99.9% of everyone i talk to thinks it's a girl .. a few people here & there think it's a boy. we will just have to wait & see!! i finally decided on a "gender reveal" thing to do for our family .. so i'll be getting supplies ready for that during the next few days! 
other than that things are going pretty smooth. i'm rarely sick these days, which is such a blessing! i usually feel nauseated in the mornings, but as soon as i get some breakfast i feel great! while i'm at work, about 0300-0400ish is when i start to feel not so hot. i try not to eat past midnight because when i do, the food just kind of sits in my stomach & doesn't digest very well. then i get the heartburn stuff that starts .. so keeping an empty stomach has served me well. EXCEPT i'll get nauseated. ugh it's a rough few hours of work .. but i make it through! i've made it through much worse haha i tell myself that all of the time. 
as far as cravings go .. i've been loving lemon yogurt lately. also grapefruit. anything tangy!! i'm still really into salads & fruit bowls as well ... and FISH! gosh it's hard to not eat all of the fish! whenever we go out, all i want is salmon! chicken & red meat kind of freak me out at times .. i usually can eat them okay but they aren't my first choice. but don't worry .. i only allow myself fish or seafood once a week. so i'm being safe :) 
as far as weight gain goes .. we don't have a scale here so i don't really track it myself. but my doc was super happy that i've started gaining some weight .. so that's good. honestly i'm not as worried about the weight this time around. as long as baby is healthy, that's all i can really ask for. 
i can feel baby kick all throughout the day now! it's so fun! alec even felt him/her kick once the other day! the babe mostly kicks when he/she hears gavin! it's kind of the sweetest thing ever. i'm looking forward for these kicks to get stronger by the day!! 
my mr. let me go on a mini shopping spree & buy a few tops that are more flowy & loose .. which was SO nice! i figured those can last pretty much the rest of my pregnancy. i can still squeeze [if i really try hard ha] into some of my regular jeans .. but i do have a pair of maternity jeans & leggings i live in! round ligament pain has been kicking my butt this time around. i never really felt it with gavin .. just the usual stretching aches & such .. but never pain. my doctor recommended wearing supportive pants/belly bands to help my uterus be more compressed up to my body .. so far it's worked! so the leggings & maternity pants have served me well. the belly band has been nice too. i mostly "feel" it after a night at work. i get pretty achy & sore. lot's of bending & walking/running on the job haha. such is the life of a nurse! 
gavin is still the sweetest little guy when it comes to baby. he is always trying to include him/her with everything we do! when he's dancing, he'll run up to me, grab my belly, start shaking it & say "dance baby dance!!" he also kisses & hugs him/her all throughout the day & always puts blankets over my stomach to "keep baby warm". i love how excited he's been about this .. i hope that excitement sticks when the baby actually gets here haha

alec & i started talking about the "birth plan" & "gavin plan". a.k.a. IF the delivery goes smooth .. he'll spend the night at home with gavin versus if there are complications [that's about as in depth as my birth plan goes haha]. the "gavin plan" .. ugh i am kind of starting to stress about gavin feeling neglected. i know he will be swept up & cared for by us & by our family .. but part of me is starting to feel some momma guilt cause i know i'm not going to have the time with him i have now. he's use to getting 100% of my attention & not having to share it. so we've started discussing things that we can do to help him transition .. as well as how our families can help. i'm also super nervous cause we'll be moving into our house at the end of december - beginning of january so there's a LOT of change this little dude is going to go through. luckily he'll still have school that's consistent. but his little world is gonna be rocked. 
i guess all we can do is pray that things will go as smooth as possible. i mean .. people are adding little babes to their families all of the time right?! we all survived .. so, so can gavin!! 

i'm starting to feel all of the emotions about this whole thing. TWO kids!! it's a big deal haha. we are SO excited but starting to feel the nerves .. ahhh we just can't wait!! 

september 25 : 20.2 weeks . baby is the size of a mango 

well it's official! BABY IS A GIRL!!!!! 
all of our suspicions were right! haha i was SO hesitant to have my mind set on a baby girl .. but all of my insides were telling me that baby was indeed a girl! 
along with finding out the gender yesterday, we were able to do a very detailed anatomy scan of baby to make sure she is growing & developing nice & strong - which was the case! 
we also verified that my SCH has cleared up all the way & won't be causing any type of complications!! 
babies are such miracles. really. they just grow & turn into a human inside of us! i can't get over it! 

we put together a little "reveal card" for our immediate families [i'll do a separate post about] to tell them what we are having! it was SO fun to see all of their reactions! Gav was excited, but he already knew haha he's been calling baby a sister since we told him we were pregnant. i bet they were best buds up there in heaven .. & now he's like FINALLY i get to play with her again haha it's the sweetest thing to see him jump around & tell everyone "it's a SISTER it's a SISTER!!". makes me so happy to see him so excited! he didn't want to give the ultrasound pictures up yesterday haha i love it! 

another thing that is blowing my mind is that we are halfway through this pregnancy! it feels like it has FLOWN by & it makes me so happy haha not only because pregnancy is hard for me [even though i am so SO thankful to be pregnant] .. but because it means we are that much closer to meeting this sweet baby girl! 
we have so much change happening so fast - but it definitely has me so excited!! i'm a little stressed, but excited! 

life has a way of working out just the way it should .. when it should. heavenly father sure knows what he is doing up there ... even when i'm down here like "umm HELLO??! do you remember us down here??!" he does. he did .. & he was just waiting for the perfect time for us. it was a hard & long wait .. but it was so, so worth every second! 

baby girl, we seriously CANT wait to meet you!! i can already tell you're going to be THE sweetest thing ever [weird how you can like feel the baby's personality & spirit inside of you??]!! you already have us all wrapped around your tiny fingers & we love you SO much! 


  1. I am seriously so ecstatic for you!!!! Baby girl is very lucky to be your daughter ❤️❤️ I loved reading how happy you guys are. It brought tears to my eyes!

    1. oh my estella you are seriously THE sweetest!!