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one of the things we've been up to lately is BUILDING A HOME!! 
after years of saving, looking around, saving some more & lots & lots of prayers .. we decided to pull the trigger & build a home! 
we will be moving back to both alec & i's hometown so we are both excited about that! a little bit closer to family .. which is always better :) AND we'll be moving in closer to our very best friends ever!! so that's obviously a plus as well [we're comin' for you noble's :)] 

so .. if any of you care .. here is how i'm feeling about everything. a little vent sesh if you will. & if you really don't .. that's fine .. just stop reading here! i just wanna document things .. since i've been super awesome about that the past few months ... 

so i seriously am still on cloud 9 about this whole house-thing. i can't believe it is actually happening! we chose a modest little floor plan that we can still grow into .. but nothing over the top. something just perfect for us. it's crazy how fast you can get carried away in "upgrading" and the "oh well maybe one more bedroom would be worth it's" .. but we couldn't be happier with what we chose & are SO EXCITED to have the ball rolling! 

we are suppose to be in the house by december BEFORE christmas .. which will be perfect timing. best christmas present ever right??! gav is so excited too! we've driven down to our lot more than a few times [would you say once a day is excessive ...? haha] to see the progress & he is always pointing & saying "wook!! wook!! that's my new house!!" i think we're all just a bit ready for some more living space & just new scenery all together. 

i love the memories we've made here in the p-town [provo, for all of you outsiders haha j/k .. i'm corny i know] but i'm ready for new. new, new, new! new ward, new neighborhood, new start. i'd be lying if i said i absolutely loved everything about our current home. we've definitely struggled to find our place in our home ward & in our neighborhood. and living in an older home has definitely had it's challenges. i am so thankful for the time we have had here .. for the struggles, trials & just down right oh my gosh is this really happening right now??! moments. alec & i will forever look back at these past 5 years with a smile .. but we are more than ready to take this next step into the real world! 

one thing i have been LOVING is house shopping :). it's a little overwhelming & stressful .. especially trying to maintain a budget. but it's also been a fun challenge for me to find a "look" that i love .. and then find an amazing deal on something that is almost identical to the original high-end piece. we definitely took advantage of the labor day sale [can i get a woot woot for sales??!] & bought a few things on our "to get" list before we move in. 
obviously we will still have some purchases to make after the move .. but we wanted a bed to sleep in & a refrigerator to keep our food .. you know .. the necessities. all of the lamps & fluffy-like stuff [as alec so lovingly calls it] will come in time. which is fine with me! as much as i love cheap .. i also love quality & sometimes it's worth waiting & saving up for something that will last. 

we are going in TODAY to put in our final word on all of the colors & things so once the framing is complete, they can jump right into the interior. that was another challenge keeping our budget. the upgrades. they kill you! haha of course all of the things you think you want are the most expensive .. right?! ugh! but honestly we knew going into this what we were willing to spurge a little on & what we could update or change later. we've been learning how to tell ourselves "NO" a lot haha but it's been good. good for our self-control & good for the wallet. 

i'm excited to show you all our progress & the finished product!! only a few more months!! 

p.s. if any of you have favorite decor stores or furniture stores ... suggestions are always appreciated! 

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