oh heyy. we're still here.

oh hello friends, readers & welcomed guests! yes .. i know i have seriously been slacking on this little journal here. BUT i promise it's been for a good reason .. that we will talk about at a later date & time. 

for now .. just know that we are here & alive & surviving!! i can't believe summer is almost over & that my baby is starting school in a few weeks .. i mean W H A T T T T??! WHAT??! yeah i'm freaking out just a bit. but i am also so excited for him to have a place to go & learn & make friends .. so overall i'm happy. but i seriously remember thinking about this day while i was holding gav as a newborn & thinking it was so far away .. & then i blinked. jokes on me i guess haha the time just doesn't ever slow down. 

hope you all have been having a splendid summer!! 

i'll be back again soon .. i promise!! 


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