LP photo dump

yes, we are in sweatshirts. yes it was C O L D! 

my nephew's chunk takes the cake [no pun intended :)]

pretty cacti .. so may pretty desert flowers! 

my whole world!

before the massive rain storm

i spy our houseboat

bath time in the sink = pure bliss 
gav loved the "gwoohhh sticks" 
a waterfall of rain runoff from the storm

this year's lake powell trip was short, sweet, wet & cold .. yes .. c o l d
it was still beautiful & SO much fun! but MAN the storms just kept rolling on in .. lightening & all. 
so the soaking up sunshine part of that vacation didn't really happen. but the family time, camping & beautiful scenery did. lake powell was in full bloom while we were there! i've never seen so many desert flowers in my life!! it was seriously beautiful. & minus being scared for my life [with lightening flashing right above my head & the loudest thunder i've ever, ever heard] .. the hike in the rain was actually really, really pretty. a side of lake powell i haven't ever seen in all the years i have been there [i grew up going with my family as well!]. 
i'm so sad it's already over .. but it was such a fun little trip to break up the monotony of working, sleeping, repeating .. 

ohh lake powell. you will forever hold a place in my heart. 

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