hbd my dearest gavin

today my sweet, spunky, saucy little man is THREE!!
i know i say this all the time but seriously, WHERE does the time go???! everyone told me how fast it would fly .. but really. it's crazy because it's true. 

gavin is the sweetest most curious, busy, smart, spunky, crazy little lover of life & is truly one of the biggest blessings in mine! he never has a dull moment & the kid lives life like it's his last day! i love that about him! every day is exiting & new .. he makes it all worth living!!

a few things about gav at 3 : 
+ gav loves to count while he sorts out his toys or the letters on our fridge. 
+ he loves story time & especially loves his avengers books. 
+ anything marvel is his favorite thing ever & he's always pretending to be superhero! 
+ gavin has the sweetest heart. he is so aware of others & their feelings. the ultimate softy for sure.
+ he sings his abc's [sometimes misses a few letters or mixes them up here & there]
+ is SO excited for preschool! 
+ still loves anything soccer-related & outdoors
+ cruises on his balance bike! 
+ is a good helper around the house & outside
+ loves to dance!! L O V E S 
+ always tries to make friends wherever he goes .. he's quite the outgoing little guy
+ loves to tell me BIG stories. sometimes they're a little .. um .. fabricated. but it's so fun to hear where his imagination takes him!
+ is loving the warm swim-worthy weather!

i seriously can't imagine my life without you gavin john! mommy & daddy love you to the moon & back!! 

happy birthday to the sweetest little boy. i hope all of your wishes come true! 

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