diy açaí bowls

these açaí bowls have serious been a go-to breakfast or even mid-day snack for me! super easy, full of nutrients & just all around delicious! i also enjoy açaí bowls because they are so versatile. you can pretty much use whatever fruit you have & it all just works out!

ingredients :
1 packet of sambazon açaí puree [i get mine at whole foods, but i've heard other "healthy food" grocers have them]
fruit [my favorite is strawberry, kiwi, banana, mango, & pineapple]
shredded coconut
honey or agave
chia seeds [optional, i don't use these every time]
apple or orange juice [optional]

directions :
remove açaí puree from freezer, place in blender to puree [you can use the oj or apple juice here if desired]. when açaí is fully pureed, place in small bowl.
add a layer of granola on top of açaí puree [you can also do this on top of the fruit if desired]
cut up fruit in small pieces, organize in a stripe pattern on top of granola [cause pretty food always tastes better, right?!].
top with shredded coconut, chia seeds & drizzle a bit honey/agave over everything for that extra sweet taste.

enjoy immediately!! 

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