''... we're not quite where we need to be yet''

this month is yet another "pass". i had follicles this time, just none that were large enough
the clomid didn't quite work as well as expected, so next month she's increasing the dose & we're going to do it all again. 
& if that doesn't work, we'll switch medications to something a little different with a similar mechanism. so we have plan a & b in place. 

i am happy because we have made progress, seeing follicles was definitely a relief. 
i am happy because we have a plan & a backup plan. 
but i am a little devastated because none of them were good enough. sounds kind of dramatic .. "good enough" .. but ya know, that's what they said. that's just the way it is. 

the doctor encouraged us to still try to get pregnant this month, cause you never know, but she didn't want to do the trigger shot or any of the other hormones at this point. 
so we're gonna try & then reboot for next month. 
in the meantime, i'm clinging to the words my doctor left us with : 

"we're getting closer .. but we're not quite where we need to be yet"

prayers & good thoughts are much appreciated at this time .. 
cause guys, honestly, this is SO hard. 
like ... so so so hard. 
i am hopeful cause i know this is a big balancing act with lots of trial & error, 
but the emotional part is more exhausting than a lot of things i've been through. 

thanks in advance for the kind words & support. 
you all really don't know how much it means to me. 


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