1/ gas station selfies while daddy gets icee's 

2/ al, sandro & gav playing a mini soccer game

3/ cinco de mayo celebrations pcu-style 

4/ my little monster-guy .. 

5/ we love the pretty little chickens at my in-laws 

6/ mother's day!

7/ cazookie-ing with 2 of our besties 

8/ gelato + dancing with the stars 

9/ tried cubby's .. L O V E D it!! we will definitely be revisiting soon

10/ my new bling bling!! seriously so in love!!

11/ favorite sandals 

12/ black sheep cafe. & get the cactus lemonade .. you'll thank me later

13/ chasing butterflys on our hike 

14/ hot lemon water + my favorite kitchen rug 

15/ grandma salmon's treasures [where i got my new bling]. she was so generous & let each of the granddaughters pick one out. i about died!! 

16/ crepes for dinner .. cause breakfast for dinner is always a good idea. 

not pictured//

umm i totally fell carrying a box of costco groceries at my in-laws .. scraped up my legs pretty good ha! #officiallyafallsrisk 

al is playing indoor soccer with his brother. it's so fun to go & watch them play together! 

caught up on revenge .. luh-ve!!

threw a bridal shower for my future sis-in-law with my in-laws! 

got tickets to the payson temple open house .. so excited to go & take gavin through!

secretly loving all of these rain showers. 

my plants are growing SO well!! i'm so excited for when they start budding & actually growing the produce!!

peony season people .. peonies. 

excited & looking very forward to some mini-vacays commin' right up!! 

went through my ig account & cleaned house. feels good to simplify & virtually surround myself with those who truly support & love me .. versus those who don't .. 

house . hunting . 

currently eating my weight in chocolate .. cause don't worry guys, i got 7 pounds for mother's day. & this is my official SOS for help with it's consumption. my butt will thank me later :) 

still trying to get a good workout routine going .. key word here is trying. 

planning g's 3rd birthday party. yikes. three. i'm not ready for this you guys!! 

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