1/ this candle is scattering the most heavenly scent around my home making it smell like a little spring cottage

2/ if you like ribs .. try this recipe. it's finger-licking worthy for sure

3/ temple date with my hubs & parents [i know this picture is like our most UNflattering ever .. just go with it mkk?]

4/ aquarium date for gavin's little friend harper's birthday 

5/ kong kone = happy baby [& husband] at the grocery store 

6/ the B E S T lemon-raspberry bars eva!! go here for the recipe

7/ one of the "must-stops" while in park city. it's almost as bad as target .. [and by bad i mean you "need" everything]

8/ i love our little flowers around the house 

9/ my kitchen is turning into a green house - come ON utah! figure your stuff out

10/ went out for sushi a few weeks back & gav decided to take a shot at chopsticks - he did pretty well!

11/ my people. my whole world. my happiness.

12/ juicy juice juice always makin' juice 

13/ yes this person is alive, no i didn't see this in person, yes this is real & how?? well .. that's a great question. the medical field is COOL huh??! as disgusting as this is .. i love it all at the same time .. & by love i mean i'm fascinated. [& sorry to those of you who want to throw up now..]
p.s. it's a foot - wellll 1/2 of a foot ..

14/ another from the aquarium date

15/ sunday snuggles & breakfast in bed by the fire .. take me back!!

16/ my little man cub freshly packaged & bathed 

>> not pictured >>

got to meet with a mortgage lender who told us we were in great shape! now to save up just a little bit more [hello starving-student budget .. we meet again] & start HOUSE SHOPPING!! like for REALLY!!! 

loving my promotion. i'm still intimidated & want like 4 more months to train ha but i think i'm getting it .. slowly!! dear paperwork, i loathe thee! 

so happy that gav is potty-trained! like .. SO happy! 

took gavin to see his pre-school the other day. my sister-in-law use to work there so she showed us the ropes! it was SO dang cute .. gav is already asking us when he can go back to pre-school on the daily. yay for him being excited for school!!

starting up round 3 of fertility treatments coming up soon. fingers crossed guys, fingers crossed. 

wanderlust people .. wanderlussssstttttt!! the struggle is real .. i NEED to go somewhere!! with a beach & endless pina coladas & tans & pools & food .. 

dusted off my camera the other day to shoot one of my dearest .. had so much fun! get to shoot again this week as well :) it makes my heart happy to have this kind of an outlet.

bought a new succulent .. it's a pokey baby but i love it nonetheless. my window is now lined with them but  #icantstop #iwontstop

my sis-in-law has been in town with her squishy babe. i seriously have major squeezing problems when he's around. i'm the crazy aunt .. i know. i just can't handle all the rolls!! GIVE ME ALL THE ROLLS!!! 

excited to meet my best friends sweet baby girl coming up soon & my first niece. let the babe season begin! 

starting to believe the advice everyone told me about "three being harder than two" [toddler years]. cause i mean STUBBORN & SASSY don't even being to delve into the depths of some of my days with gavin. wish us luck people .. i hope we both survive this year.
p.s. i'm also convinced that these toddler years are a preview of the teenage years .. cause i mean really? 1. they think they know everything. 2. stubborn. 3. sass/attitude 
heaven help us all 

I G O T A N E W P H O N E!!!!! 

aannndddd that's all for now! 
p.s. so sorry i've been slacking on the "food friday" for the past few weeks. i'll be honest, i haven't really been cooking much .. so i'll try to do better?? okay. okay bye!

p.s.s. it's may, just incase you thought your calendar was wrong. 

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