because cinco de mayo

my coworkers are the best, i decided! 
sometimes being in the medical field just plain stinks! you don't get holidays or weekends off, if you call in sick you better be on your deathbed .. or ready to really tick some people off [you think i'm joking ...]. let's just say it's not fun to be left short-handed with more patients than you should have.

BUT the good part about it is that you're surrounded by the best people ever!!! these gals [amongst others] have become second family to me & we take "not missing out on everything" very seriously. we definitely try to make lemonade out of lemons :) 

homemade tacos
pin the tail on the donkey 
& of course, mustaches 

one of the best cinco de mayo's i've ever had. 
hope you all had fun celebrating!!
'ayy yayyyaaaiiii!!

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