a hike

on tuesday we decided to ditch the city & head up to the mountains. 
the Y hike is about 1 mile long & fairly easy [as far as the trail goes] .. so we knew it was do-able with gavin & that i'd be back in time for work. 

gav & al were sprinting & racing each other throughout the hike [while i was in the distance trying to breathe haha]. it's not a complicated hike, but it's definitely S T E E P!! 
and let's just talk about the 74 year old man who hiked it 10 times that morning. yes, 10 times! my jaw about fell to the floor when he said that haha kudos to him!! 

i kind of have the hiking bug now so hopefully we'll be able to go exploring again soon! 
fresh mountain air + the view + the time with my fam  .. 
it doesn't get any better than that!

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