1 year ago ..

1 year ago i made a pretty good decision! it was a big change for me but i'm so glad that i jumped in with both feet! 
i worked at a nursing home/rehab for 6 years, 5 of those as a cna. to say i was attached to my adopted grandmas & grandpas is an understatement, & don't get me started about some of my coworkers. they really were all second family. but as that was not the type of nursing i wanted to do for forever .. & after a series of events, i realized that it was time to move on. 
one of my best friends worked at the hospital & saw there was an opening on her floor, so she helped me to apply, pretty much got me the interview & through a looong process i got the job!! 
i can't even tell you how happy & overwhelmed i was! i have learned so, so much since starting & i know i still have so much more to learn! 
i love the staff, i enjoy the critical care aspect of my job, i love having doctors & pharmacists in the building & having access to medications my patients need [versus having to wait for deliveries], i love having the resources of the icu nurses & being able to utilize their knowledge. i L O V E working at the hospital! 

now, 1 year later .. i have the opportunity to be a charge nurse on my floor!! for those of you who don't know what a charge nurse is, they are basically the manager of the floor during your shift. so, any help you need, questions you may have, problems, etc .. the charge nurse is responsible to help with & resolve anything that is within their bounds. obviously we have our main manager who is ultimately over all of us, but we are his hands on the floor while he does what he needs to. 
we also do a lot of "behind the scenes" things that directly affect the way our floor/hospital runs. 

i am so happy right now! this promotion couldn't have come at a better time in my life! 
i know that heavenly father is just so aware of me. i know he definitely had a hand in helping me become what i needed to in order to attain this position. 
my eyes are opened more & more to having faith in his timing. it really is perfect.
everything happens for a reason. & i am just so, so thankful for this promotion at this specific time. 

ahhhh!!! wish me luck!!! 



  1. Congrats! That is amazing. I loved reading this because I currently work as an LPN at a rehab facility.. and as much as I love the pay, flexible hours, and feeling comfortable.. I just hate it haha. I would love to be in the hospital, but also I've never had a baby.. So she comes first. I Just feel like it takes so much work to get into the hospital, let alone with flexible "mommy hours" haha. Anyway, I'm just rambling now.. But this gave me motivation to actually find something that I love!

    1. thanks katie!! i know what you mean about the pay & the hours .. but REALLY it was worth it!!! if you ever need a job .. holla!! i'd love to see you around our parts :)