a little capri update

if you follow me on instagram, you saw that our sweet capri had a seizure on 10.18.17. 

i have had a lot of questions & people wanting to follow up with me so i figured i'd do an update here as well as a little bit of education about febrile seizures (which is what capri had).

on the evening of 10.17 capri started showing signs that she wasn't feeling too hot. she wasn't eating a lot & i noticed her temperature was slowly creeping toward fever status. 
unfortunately, i had to work that night but alec texted me throughout the night & early morning hours keeping me updated about her temperature. 
when i got home on the morning of 10.18 we decided we should take her into the doctor's since she usually gets these high fevers with strep throat, it was better to rule that out than wait & have it get worse & worse. 

the step test came back positive & we started antibiotics. at about 5:00 pm i was heading to the gym while alec was getting the kids dinner .. while i was driving to the gym i got "the phone call" .. 
alec sounded terrified. right when i answered he said "you need to come home NOW. capri is having a seizure." my blood went cold & i started to panic. i flipped around as fast as i could & somehow made it home while calling my dad & brother to meet us there to help with a blessing as well as the doctor to get instructions of what to do (ER versus an office visit). 

alec told me while he was trying to give her medicine her eyes got big & fixed (meaning no blinking or tracking). she started to contract all of her muscles, drooling & stopped breathing for about 20-30 seconds. once she came back she was okay & wasn't coughing at all (a good sign since she had medicine in her mouth & could have aspirated). 

after i got home, capri looked terrible. my heart sank even more & alec was in tears. it was so heartbreaking to see how upset everyone was. alec held capri while my dad & brother gave capri a beautiful blessing. they took gav with them & we headed out to the doctor. 

we were instructed to get her temperature down with cold rags or even a sponge bath with cold water - anything to get it down. we gave medicine & did cold washcloths. it came down, but not a lot. 

once we got to the doctors capri was coming out of her postictal state (the post-seizure phase where they are just lethargic & kind of out of it). she was angry, but it made us feel better because she would normally be angry ha. 

10.19 capri has been okay, she's had a low grade fever & hasn't had an appetite but she has definitely been more herself .. which is a huge relief. we are hoping in the next couple of days she'll be back to her normal sassy self. 

i guess the part i wanted to educate about is the seizure & what to do during a seizure .. so many people commented that they would have NO idea what to do if their child had a seizure. 

so let me tell you.

first off, there are a lot of different kinds of seizures & i'm not going to go into the different types .. but i'll just say if you notice any type of violent shaking or tension, make sure they are in a safe area where they can't fall & protect the airway .. meaning make sure if they start to vomit or choke you can turn them onto their side to make sure they don't swallow it into their lungs instead of it coming out of their mouth by laying on their side. 

after the seizure you can decide whether to call 911 or go to the ER or doctor yourself. the reason we didn't end up going to the ER is because her seizure lasted a short amount of time, considering, & she came out of it quickly. we were, however, instructed to go to the ER if she experienced another seizure between the time we called & her appointment time. luckily, we didn't have to do that. 
just do whatever you feel your child needs, there is no right or wrong answer .. but DO be sure to get them evaluated. you need to be sure that whatever the cause is, is identified & that you are aware of what to watch for in the coming hours. 

the cause of capri's seizure was her fever .. it was greater than 103 (we took it after she had cold washcloths on her head). it is common for children to have seizures with really high fevers. luckily they are almost always 100% okay afterward without any type of neurological defects. the only thing we have to worry about now is the seizures happening again with fevers, once they happen once the chances of it happening again increase. kind of poopy but at least we know. 

we are so thankful our little angel is doing better & that we have amazing family here to help us at the drop of the hat. 

thank you all for the sweet & comforting text messages + messages on instagram .. they helped carry us through a very scary time.

fall so far

3 of the cutest pumpkins on the patch (also, gavin's face HA)

sweetest sibling hugs

his "bat" pose 

one of my faves everrr

so fall has come & is going SO fast so i figured i'd better document a few of the festivities we've been up to around here. 

we've been trying to go to as many pumpkin patches as possible. we still have a few on our "hit list" but so far so good! we've done jaker's, wilkerson farm, kuwahara farms & sunriver gardens (not technically an actual pumpkin patch .. but we had so much fun walking around & looking in the giant teepee). 

i've been trying to get the kiddos outside as much as possible while the weather isn't too chilly. the other week we went on a walk down by the utah lake & it was absolutely beautiful! we went right as the sun was setting & that golden fall light was seriously amazing! the kids had a few sweet moments (as you can see above) & had a blast running around + being crazy. 

i also had to document gav on our porch (sister was not compliant with the photo-taking that day haha #typical) since halloween is his favorite holiday ever!! i seriously LOVE how much he loves it .. mostly because it helps me justify decking out the house haha 

i hope you all are having so much fun squeezing in all of the fall things you can before the month is over! & as always, i'd always love to hear any must-go places or things to do!! 

aslo, what's fall without making all of the pumpkin things?! we've been eating our hearts out over pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, caramel apples, pumpkin bars & pumpkin sugar cookies (just to name a few .. & no, please don't ask me how my diet is going 😑). yolo right?!