annual family pictures


whelp we did it again. 
family pictures happened last week & i seriously can't handle how much i love them! jenisse has been taking pictures for our family since gavin was like two so she's watched us all grow up haha 
i LOVE her so much! 

anyways ..

capri & gav were NOT in the picture-taking mood & pretty much did all they could to sabotage them haha #butreally.
girlfriend had very different ideas of what we should be doing .. but you know .. i've learned that when you just go with the flow versus forcing things, sometimes magic happens. 

and this time .. magic did happen (it also helps to have a kick-a photographer though .. just saying).

i love this stage of life we're in. i love my kids & their personalities. i love alec (whew, glad we got that out there haha), and i just love this life we've built together.

it's messy & crazy & there's lot's of ugly crying - you know the kind with all of the snot?, eye-rolling, & timeouts .. BUT there's also a lot of laughter, kisses, desserts & sweet moments as well. 
it's just life ya know? the messy + beautiful kind of life & we're deep into it!

this year has been one of our more challenging years .. i'll probably, maybe talk more about that later. BUT i'm so thankful to jenisse for capturing these photos to reflect on the not so hard times about this year. 

this little tribe of 4 is my entire world!