Monday, April 24

a book review : the nest

so guys - i'm gonna be honest here. i didn't love this book. 
i never got super hooked (i love it when i seriously can't put a book down!!) & i felt like the whole story was kind of anticlimactic .. more of a story that just kind of went on & on .. 

it's about the plumb family & their "nest" (a.k.a. large amount of money from a trust fund). you get glimpses into each of the siblings' lives + bits & pieces of the scandals they're involved in. 
i honestly kind of had to make myself finish this book .. so if this is on your "to read" list, it probably would be one to leave out .. & if you've read it & like it DON'T HATE ME!! 
just my own opinion! 

i have a couple of books ready to be cracked open that i have heard are really good so i'm excited to get into those! 

Sunday, April 23

tulips with a side of sunshine

typical - capri upset about the camera & gav distracted 

LOVED these jagged-edged tulips 

protective big brother much? haha #thatface

after a really rough wednesday, we decided to ditch all duties on thursday & head up to the tulip festival. it rained during our drive up there & for a while after we arrived, so we waited it out in the cafe & ate lunch until the storm passed. 

then the clouds parted & we were able to walk through the amazing gardens of tulips until we couldn't anymore. 

it seriously was just what we all needed after a rough week + few days. sunshine & flowers are the best medicine :) 
i hope you all are enjoying the spring weather (rain + shine) so far!!