Monday, March 27

spring chickens

al & i have talked about having a "mini farm" for a little while now. 
the thought of growing our own produce & gathering our own eggs has been something that is super appealing to us, for some reason. 

so the other day i bit the bullet & went to buy some baby chicks!! i ended up purchasing araucana chickens because i LOVE the pastel eggs they produce! i seriously can't wait until they start to lay eggs! the kids are already loving them & i think it'll be a fun experience for them to help us take care of them & gather eggs. 

gav & i named them haha it was too fun & the names were all over the place (gav .. haha what an imagination he has) but i am happy to say we nailed them down. 
we have harriett, mary (gav's favorite), cosette & elana. 

currently these little ladies are stationed in our basement under a heat lamp - we need to start shopping for their home so if you have any suggestions as to where to find a chicken coop that doesn't cost $1000, holla!! 

we are so excited to watch them grow!! send us all of the good chicken vibes that we have lots of success!


Friday, March 24

chicken party pineapple tacos | hello fresh

hello, hello & happy friday! i hope you all survived this week & are able to enjoy your weekend! 

so i don't know if you all have heard about hello fresh or not .. if you haven't here is a brief synopsis of how it all works. you go online (linked above) & register for which meal plan you'd like as well has how many meals per week you want. you can pick from a menu which meals you would be interested in & which meals you want in your box for that week. you can also cancel or hold your order at any time. 

i had a few people i know try this box & really enjoyed it so i thought hey, why not?! well i am happy to report that i loved it! easy, healthy + convenient which are all good things in my book. 
i do have to be honest, i probably won't use it super frequently but it is nice to have on my crazy weeks where i literally can't meal plan or shop .. so i'm sure i'll utilize it then. 

if you want to give it a go (for a discounted price 👍😀) go here & use the code COUSALM for $40.00 off!! 

let me know what you all think!!