a little tinsel & some holly

how is it already december 7?! i mean holy moly we have 18 days until christmas!! 

we've been attempting to squeeze in as many festivities as possible in the (seemingly) short amount of time we have to truly celebrate the christmas season. 

we went up to SLC to look at the lights (not pictured because the tween who took our picture ended up taking a selfie instead .. 🙈😂)

we have made gingerbread houses twice

we got our christmas tree up & decked out AND i bought a garland this year that is up in my kitchen (i'll get photos of this later). there's nothing like a little christmas greenery.
also, our little elf "chase" showed up to play & the kiddos are having a blast finding him every morning! (ps i'm happy to say we've moved on from the original names like "elf" the elf to a more common name .. chase haha). 

al & i are almost done christmas shopping. we have a few odds & ends of things to buy but the kiddos are taken care of (thank heavens .. now fingers crossed gav's christmas list doesn't change ha)! 

i'm super excited for christmas this year! capri seems to be understanding it a little bit more & gav is just over the moon excited about everything. i hope all of his christmas dreams come true .. 
i am also wishing for a white christmas but with this odd warm-ish weather we've had the past month (minus the last few days) we shall see. 

we've got a few family parties planned along with some christmas activities coming up so i'll be having lots more to share in a few days. 

it's just been a whirlwind of a week & we're finally starting to get back onto our feet. capri got sick again (another story for another day) but since her seizure we're all on edge when she spikes a fever. it's just been a little cray up in here haha but i think she's on the tail end of things & feeling better (#prayerhands). 
send us prayers & well-wishes though .. this sweet girl needs to catch a break!! 

i hope you all are enjoying this beautiful holiday season & that you've been able to feel the spirit of christmas a little bit here & there.



well i'm officially in the last year of my 20's!! what even happened to my life?! haha guyssss 😭

i think it's fun for me to document my feelings every birthday, call me crazy, but it's kind of fun to look back at my perspectives & things that i've learned in the past year. 
also, it means i get to make a list & you all know how much i love to make lists. 

1| i learned that it's not too late to become the person i want to be. i feel like i've finally taken life by the horns & have been able to take control of aspects of my life that seemed to be out of my control for so many years. example, fitness. i lost myself big time after i had gavin & through my fertility struggles - the weight seemed to pack on no matter how or what i ate - & once i noticed those same things happening to me after capri, i said NO & took action (with the help, support & encouragement from my best friend & alec, of course). 

2| i learned the importance of quality versus quantity. in everything .. friends, items, time, etc .. 
the quality of everything outweighs the quantity. especially with friends, i feel. i mentioned this a while ago but al & i went through a period of time where our feelings were really hurt & hurt a lot. as time has gone one we have realized that those who hurt us probably don't truly care about us & we've moved on. we still want to be civil to everyone & support & love everyone, but we don't hold our breath to be invited to things & we have decided to not let ourselves get hurt over it anymore. we've taken control, & it's been so refreshing to surround myself with people who truly care about me. 

3| there is always something else ... haha meaning once you jump through one hoop - another comes along. trials come in waves & once i get through one i always think whew! just to get handed another. BUT i've learned to (try) & endure them with grace & humility. i have learned that heavenly father truly loves me & wants to make me the best version of myself .. & honestly that doesn't happen by handing me whatever i want on a silver platter. hard work, disappointments & wading through knee-deep mud is what pays off .. it's what gets you to where you want to be.  

4| don't keep up with the jones'. don't even try. honestly it's taken me years to see though the superficial, artificial ways of social media. i'm not saying that everyone is like this & i'm just as guilty as the next girl. but if i try to keep up with someone who isn't even posting the whole story .. well then it's a lost cause, isn't it? i've found me more than i have in a loooong while & it feels good. it's not about "likes" or followers, it's about documenting the things that are important to me .. things that i'll look back on & appreciate myself having thought to document said event/thing. also, you really never know what someone is going through. things may look 100% & perfect when in reality that's far from the truth. 

5| laugh > cry. i'm an emotional person. very emotional & i get eaten up & consumed by my feelings sometimes. i've been trying to be more aware of these feelings & where they stem from .. why i'm feeling the way i feel, ya know? i've been trying to handle my moods in a better way - for myself as well as my family. sometimes my mood can destroy moments & the good vibes that i want in my home & i want nothing more than for my children to feel safe & loved no matter what (and alec too). so being more aware of when i need to have some "me time" & to pay close attention to when i get upset has been key. 
"me time" has translated into workout time & it's really been perfect as it is a physical outlet as well as a mental outlet. it's also really good for me to feel like i've accomplished something hard. 

29 has a lot in store for me & i have a few big goals in the works - 
i can't wait to keep progressing & to slowly morph into the person i know i'm meant to be. 

i am so thankful for amazing friends & co-workers & family who made my day truly special. i am so thankful for my husband who didn't even sleep so he could make sure my day was perfect. i seriously lucked out so much with him .. (love you al). i am also so thankful for my children - the 2 people who make me feel so needed & loved no matter how many times i threaten to put them in timeout or take away all of their toys (#facepalm) haha jussstt being honest haha. 

here's to 29!! woot woot!!