a little #progresspost

train insane week 2 is over & i'm definitely feeling it haha 5 days a week is no joke - but it's also been really fun! since i chose to do 5 days a week, some of the days we do a pump class, or shred (the name for train insane) so it's nice to get a variety of workouts as well. 

eating is going well most of the time. it's really hard to eat all of my calories on they days after i work but i really try to get breakfast in after my workouts so i can get a good jump on my calories & protein intake. 
speaking of eating, i've had a lot of questions lately about my "diet" .. i'm planning on doing a post about it soon so if you have any questions you want me to answer please ask away!! i'm NOT an expert at all & have strictly followed what was recommended to me so all i can really do is write about the plan that was made for me & how it's worked out! 

anyways .. it's been a hot minute since i've posted a fitness post .. so here it is in all its glory! 
i'm loving the train insane classes as usual & it's really been the best thing ever to relieve all of my stress from work & school lately! if you're on the fence about doing a workout program DO IT!! 
the atmosphere, environment, accountability & investment of a trainer is totally worth it! i absolutely LOVE my people!! 

also, i wanted to touch on "progress" & what that means to me. 
yes - when i very first started working out i was definitely overweight & not happy about it. NOT that being overweight means you can't be happy .. but i really didn't feel like myself & my confidence was in the toilet. so what i am trying to say is yes, it was about weight at first. 
i didn't lose weight like crazy & it took a week or two to start losing anything at all. at first i was obsessed with the scale & wanted to check my weight every time i worked out to see if i was making "progress". 
now i know that progress is NOT about weight, it's about how you look & feel. this is why i take pictures & document it. because i really try not to weigh myself. the numbers can be so deceiving AND frustrating & it's really not worth the stress or tears. so by all means, weigh yourself at the beginning of your journey & for dietary needs & then tuck that scale away & take out the camera. maybe weigh yourself once a month or so if you really want to .. but honestly you're body will be changing & building muscle, & muscle is heavy so the number you see may not reflect where you think you are .. but the scale only knows that, a number. 
so in short - hide yo scales & hide yo numbers cause nobody got time for that (if you get this reference you're my new bff 😅😆) .. take out that camera & get your selfie game on!! 
there's no shame in tracking progress & to track it in a way that's more visual, i believe, is better! 

soooo anyways i'm stepping off of my soapbox now. i hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! 
we're starting spring soccer & i'm not quite ready to freeze my booty off in the rain but i guess that's what you do when you're a soccer mom right?! haha or so i've been learning ... 


spring showers

hello readers, followers & welcome strangers!

it's been a hot minute since i've posted .. & yes that might mean it's "only" been one week .. but one week seems like a lifetime these days because i swear SO much his constantly happening around here. 

for starts - i've officially survived my second week of school. it's been ... interesting. gavin has already told me to quite like 5,000 times so if that gives you any idea of how things are going haha #itsbad. al is being the ultimate super husband/super dad by cleaning & doing all of the chores while i am stuck to the computer busting out the homework like it's my job (cause, well, it kind of is). 

just send prayers & happy thoughts & all of the good vibes okay?! 

there have also been somethings in my family/personal life that have been a little rocky & scary. i don't want to go into too much detail because it involves others' & said "others" might not want me to blab about things. but you know, for my sanity i have to just say things have been a little cray. 

we will leave it there. 

gav & capri, on the other hand, have been the funniest & quite possibly the sweetest they've ever been. i know i've recently posted about them but you GUYS .. my heart. when they hug unprompted or tell each other they love each other or play nicely together .. it makes me just so proud & so happy & so weepy & just a hot freaking mess ha. i love these munchkins. 

on friday last week we went to the park & i was just thinking about how freaking old they are the whole time! it's C R A Z Y how fast time goes. i mean, gavin is almost six. SIX??! wtf. 
he was climbing & jumping over fences, climbing trees, riding his bike with two wheels & just looking 12 years old to me. 
capri was trying to keep up with all of the big kids by going down all of the slides & riding her little balance bike as fast as her little legs would let her (we might have to work on the coordination a bit ha). bless her heart she just wants to be so big already - which makes me want to cry. there are moments where she needs me & i love those. especially at night when she wants to snuggle because if you know capri you know that girlfriend has zero time or interest in snuggling. 
unless you're my dad. she'll freaking snuggle him until they both die haha she loves him so much it kills me. 

it's been raining/snowing here & i'm kind of really sick of the snow. i mean hello - it's march. if you wanted to snow, dear mother nature, why didn't this happen in november - february? i mean .. really?! REALLY?! we have flowers blooming. NO SNOW PLEASE. 
& i'm over driving in it. 

i need to live somewhere with palm trees .. but that'll happen over al's dead body ha. 
but really - he'd have us holed up in some igloo in the middle of alaska if he had his way (btw i'm reading a book based out of alaska and it does NOT sound like a fun place to live in the winter time). so i guess we compromised by staying here in utah. 
maybe one day we'll get to move somewhere with palms .. (sigh) 

anyways i'm kind of blubbering at this point. i guess i'm feeling all chatty - especially since i'm literally sitting right next to my husband right now & he's busy playing the xbox thing talking to his xbox people. so lucky you .. i get to talk to you. 

moving along ..

at church i kind of lost it. the tears flowed and i just blabbed a whole bunch of nonsense. but you know sometimes i have feelings & i need to get them off of my chest. maybe it happened at the expense of a "stable person image" but meh .. #imoverit 

i've left laundry in piles on my floor for the past month. i mean if you've been keeping up with my "train insane" posts my mirror is always dirty, bed always unmade and floor covered in laundry. it's just been the norm lately & alec wants to murder me for it haha he's the best & washes all of the clothes AND folds them for me .. all i have to do is put them away .. but do i? nope. i fail people. i guess it could be worse - like leaving all of my hair & makeup products all over the sink & countertops .. oh wait .. i do that too. HA guys send help & all of the organizing things my way!! 

my pantry is still immaculate though .. does that count for anything?! 

i also want to redo the kids' rooms. 

and clean out my closet
and have a yard sale 
and start planting our garden 
and flowers (peonies please) 
and deep freaking clean the house 
and get a massage 

so you know in my spare time haha 

anyways geez i guess i had a lot to say but not much of it made sense. & i know that happens every once in a while over here, you guys get the vent nonsensical posts & i get some feelings off of my chest. it just works. & if you hate it .. well i'm sorry. 
just keepin' it real around here. 

i am however starting to brew up a few posts about current favorites & things so stay tuned for that! 

until then i'll be drowning in organic chemistry homework #sendlotsofprayers 

thanks for putting up with my chattiness ..